US-based freight railroad operator BNSF Railway Company is set to invest $3.55bn under its 2022 capital investment plan.

During this year, the firm will prioritise projects that drive its expansion and efficiency objectives.

BNSF president and CEO Katie Farmer said: “Every year through our capital plan, we work to ensure we are able to continue to operate a safe and efficient rail network, provide our customers with the level of service they have come to expect from BNSF as well as position ourselves for future growth opportunities.”

As part of this year’s capital plan, BNSF will replace and maintain its core network, along with associated assets.

A total of $2.71bn will be utilised for maintenance purpose.

Apart from maintaining its rolling stock, the firm will replace and improve rail and track infrastructure including ballast and rail ties.

This project will cover around 22530.81km of track surfacing and/or undercutting work, as well as the replacement of 613.16km of rail, and nearly 2.7 million rail ties.

Of the total allocation for this year, $580m will be utilised for expanding projects to back the growth of its consumer, agricultural and industrial products customers’ operations.

In a statement, BNSF said: “On its Southern Transcon route between Southern California and the Midwest, BNSF will continue a multi-year effort to add several segments of new double-track in eastern Kansas and begin a multi-year effort to add a new segment of triple-track in California, both supporting traffic growth.”

Furthermore, the firm will continue its work on a multi-year bridge project near Sandpoint, Idaho.

This project aims to expand the train capacity in the Pacific Northwest.

BNSF will also continue or commence multi-year intermodal facility expansion projects in North Texas (Alliance) and Chicago (Cicero).

BNSF is also undertaking numerous initiatives in Southern California (San Bernardino) to enhance its intermodal facility.

This year’s capital plan also covers $259m for freight cars and other equipment acquisitions.