Alstom Algeria has launched the last phase of dynamic testing, as well as system integration, on the extension of the Constantine tramway line.

A consortium comprising Alstom and Cosider Travaux Publics was awarded the turnkey extension of the Constantine tramway line, which represents a 10.5km-long line, by Entreprise du Métro d’Alger (EMA) in July 2015.

Alstom is responsible for providing telecommunications, signalling, traction energy, ticketing, and railway systems, along with the catenary system for the project.

The first phase of this extension, representing a 6.9km-long tramway line, connecting the existing Zouaghi station to the entrance of the new city of Ali Mendjeli has been operational since May 2019.

The 3.6km-long second phase will now serve the Kadri Brahim station to the Université Constantine II Abdelhamid Mechri terminal.

This stretch includes six passenger stations, three electric substations, two tramway hoppers, and the Ali Mendjeli viaduct.

Alstom Algeria managing director Amar Chouaki said: “We are proud of the work our teams have accomplished, which has led to the project’s final phase.

“We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and to continuing our partnership with EMA. Our approach reflects our unwavering determination to bring clean, sustainable mobility to Algeria.”

In January, the Alstom-Cosider Travaux Publics consortium completed the first dynamic test on the second phase of the Constantine tramway line.

The firm’s tram ran for 1km from Université Abdelhamid Mehri station to Ennasr station, at a speed of 5km/h during the test phase.