Networking software firm 6WIND has formed an alliance with Austria-based Kontron Transportation to supply the 6WIND Turbo IPsec solution to private railway organisations in Europe.

This partnership is a long-term partnership between the organisations for delivering Access IP 2G GSM-R, 4G (PS-LTE), as well as 5G (FRMCS) solutions with the usage of the 6WIND Turbo IPsec solution.

This solution will offer end-to-end security over the mobile backhaul network to the private railway companies.

This addresses the need to safeguard and maintain the integrity of data transmission between network functions.

This requirement has resulted in the deployment of security-based solutions across the rail industry.

Kontron Transportation is currently involved in European Union projects.

The company has been proposing common security measures for the railway segment, as well as incorporating new security necessities while developing new products and features.

Kontron Transportation CEO Michael Riegert said: “This partnership with 6WIND gives us and our customers unique differentiation with embedded and standalone leading-edge security gateways and IPsec capabilities, enabling us to always strengthen and maintain the security of our GSM-R systems (2G) that do evolve towards IP connectivity, but also our next generations systems such as PS-LTE and FRMCS portfolio.”

6WIND CEO Julien Dahan added: “We are delighted to sign this partnership agreement with Kontron to distribute and deliver security gateway solutions to private railway and public safety networks around the world.

“Our Next-Generation Security Gateway solution integrates into Kontron’s environment to deliver highly scalable secure VPN services at the best cost-performance ratio.”