Around three in five passengers (62%) have stated that they would feel comfortable to travel using public transport when social distancing is enforced, says independent UK watchdog Transport Focus .

Around two-thirds of passengers expect social distancing to implemented on transport, following the removal of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Transport Focus and London TravelWatch have asked the transport industry and governments to formulate a plan to reassure passengers regarding the safety of public transport.

Transport Focus CEO Anthony Smith said: “After months of being told not to travel people will understandably be fearful about venturing out. The government must outline in its upcoming roadmap for easing lockdown what measures it will put in place to reassure people they can travel safely.”

While people in London are more likely to say they will look to cycle and walk more, rather than catch public transport, those outside London are more likely to say they will switch to driving. Transport Focus and London TravelWatch are calling for governments to ensure that ‘active travel’ is encouraged, to prevent roads becoming more congested.

According to a Transport Focus survey, 83% of the passengers said that public transport vehicles, stations and stops should have hand sanitisers.

62% stated that they wouldn’t use public transport until social distancing is enforced and 51% said that they wouldn’t be comfortable to use public transport unless face masks are made mandatory.

Passengers aged between 18 and 24 were the most comfortable to use public transport.

People from the North West were the least happy with 19% while Scotland and the West Midlands were the most likely to use it with 32% and 29%, respectively.