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US rail freight: securing the future of an economic engine

A special report published by the US Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council targets what it sees as unnecessary regulatory proposals that will make the US freight rail industry less competitive and hinder innovation. Julian Turner reports on the relationship between freight rail and small business.

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Fruitful harvest: is tracking passengers with Wi-Fi the right way to ease overcrowding?

Transport for London recently started tracking passengers through their mobile Wi-Fi networks in a bid to improve services on the London Underground. The move has received backlash however as it raises problems related to consent and privacy. Adele Berti asks: should commuters be concerned?

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Women in rail: getting gender diversity on the right track

Despite skills shortages and public scrutiny being greater than ever, the industry is still struggling to attract women to a career in rail. Lucy Graham, a consultant at rail recruitment specialist Samuel Knight International, explores how far the UK’s rail industry has come when it comes to gender diversity, and asks what steps can be taken to bring women to the forefront of rail operations.

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Rail replicas: building authenticity into train simulator games

Simulation games bring hobbyists closer than ever to the industries they are passionate about. Chris Lo asks: what goes into simulating trains, tracks and signalling systems with the detail that the keenest players expect, and how are sim games crossing over with the industry’s own simulated training?

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Europe’s dream for a single railway, two decades in

Since the early 1990s, Europe’s political leaders have sought to standardise and integrate the transport network – including air, road and rail. A decade later regulations had been drafted, amended and implemented with member states beginning work on interoperability. Andrew Tunnicliffe takes a look at the significant events of the past two decades and how they have impacted on the European Union’s passenger and freight networks.

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Cracking down on metal theft on the railways

Cases of metal theft on the railways are on the rise in the UK, causing over 60,000 minutes of delays and millions of pounds worth of damage in 2018. As fears over the involvement of criminal organisations grow, Adele Berti asks: what changes need to be put in place to stop this issue?

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Very light rail: new project brings long-held aspiration closer to reality

A project to develop a very light rail system in one of the UK’s major cities is moving forward with the development of an innovative composite braided and woven frame. Andrew Tunnicliffe talks with one of the developers about the other significant innovations being used in this first-of-its-kind venture.

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In pictures: the world’s most beautiful funicular railways

From Lisbon’s iconic Gloria Funicular to the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, funicular railways have been carrying passengers to otherwise unreachable places for centuries. Adele Berti tells the story of some of the oldest and most unique examples of these historically influential lines.

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Can 42 Technology’s adaptable carriages disrupt the railway industry?

42 Technology design adaptable train carriages that can be reconfigured to provide more space for both passengers and freight.  Varsha Saraogi speaks to Zane van Romunde, who led the development of Adaptable Carriage at 42 Technology, about what the company aims to achieve with the technology.

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Next issue preview

Argentina has become the latest country to introduce solar-powered trains, complete with panels adorned on their roofs. With other nations such as India and Australia already cashing in on similar projects, we look at the state of solar in October’s issue of Future Rail.

We also hone in on railway workers in two distinct articles: one exploring safety on the railways, after Network Rail introduced a new task force following the deaths of two employees in Wales earlier this year; and the second exploring rail industry jobs that will become either more important in the future, or potentially go out of existence entirely.

We also take a look at French start-up Spacetrain’s new hovertrain concept, ask Loco2 about the potential of its new split-ticketing technology Pricehack, and map out geopolitically sensitive railways across the globe.