Things Are Steaming Rapidly Ahead... Are All Depots Keeping Up? - Railway Technology
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Things Are Steaming Rapidly Ahead… Are All Depots Keeping Up?

Some rail maintenance depots seem to look, and operate, as if they are still in the steam age. All very quaint, but how efficient are they, and even more important, how safe for depot staff?

Health and Safety Executive statistics for 2010/11 reveal that 171 people were killed at work in the UK that year and over 115,000 injuries were reported under RIDDOR. It is difficult to obtain a precise figure of the cost of a fatality, but in addition to the unquantifiably enormous cost of human grief and suffering, when considering the cost of legal proceedings, medical and emergency services charges, associated damage to equipment, loss of production and insurance costs, then a seven figure sum is not unreasonable.

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