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Network Innovation

In response to the growing demands for anywhere, anytime communications by organisations and consumers in almost every industry, today's networks, both wired and wireless, are evolving dramatically.

A network's success no longer hinges on its ability to provide simple connectivity; it must truly empower those it is serving, removing constraints that hinder accessibility and working intelligently, flexibly, and seamlessly to optimise productivity.

Mobility is a key driver shaping these network requirements, as well as the applications that they must effectively run. Organisations with personnel and equipment that are remote geographically dispersed, and / or constantly on the move need a mobile infrastructure that allows all of their assets, whether fixed or in motion, to connect and communicate in real-time, at all times. This also means that it must be intelligent enough to adapt quickly to changing network topologies, dynamically shifting data to best available routes without interference, interruption, or manual intervention.

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