Cleensonic, an industry leader in ultrasonic cleaning technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its ultrasonic cleaning machines for the demanding needs of the rail industry.

Ultrasonic railway cleaning is recognised as the best option for train maintenance cleaning of all types of parts. Our ultrasonic cleaning equipment is specially designed to lift heavy loads, so you will not have problems cleaning railway engines.  Many large European rail companies opt for ultrasonic cleaning equipment for many different applications.

Cleensonic incorporates the latest ultrasonic waves and ultrasonic radiation technology that makes cleaning processes more efficient and less time consuming. The machines can be safely used on a variety of materials and surfaces, including metals, plastic, and rubber, and have been designed to withstand environmental conditions.

A major feature of the machines is the ability to deep clean complex parts quickly and efficiently. The machines use an ultrasonic vibration frequency to agitate particles and break down dirt and contaminants, thus making deep cleaning possible. The frictionless scrubbing process doesn’t scratch or mar surfaces like traditional abrasive methods, resulting in improved surface finishes. Additionally, Cleensonic’s machines feature an intuitive graphical user interface and offer simplified controls, making it easy for operators to use.

The machines are also energy efficient, reducing energy consumption and overall operational costs without sacrificing cleaning performance. The machines come with a range of accessories and components, allowing customers to customise the machines according to their operational needs.

Cleensonic’s ultrasonic cleaning machines will revolutionise the rail industry by allowing for faster, more efficient cleaning with improved results.

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