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Yard Equipment and Wash Plants

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In the railway industry, when it comes to the design, manufacture and distribution of depot equipment, Bulox Equipment is at the forefront.

Rail depot equipment and cleaning machines

The company offers a wide-range of equipment, including the following:

  • Standard and customised test-rigs
  • Specialised test systems, which include an ultrasonic inspection system, and a rail profile inspection and measurement system
  • Mechanical lifting and handling systems, which include lifter jacks, turntable, traverser and under-floor lifting systems
  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Customised railway maintenance vehicles

On top of this, Bulox Equipment also provides Cyclosystem cleaning systems for the rail industry, including:

  • Component cleaning machines
  • Customised cleaning systems
  • Wheelset cleaners
  • Bogie cleaners
  • Automatic train wash plants
  • Automatic underframe cleaners
  • Drying ovens
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants

Air spring test stand

The air spring test stand provides a comprehensive test for the bogie mounted air spring, which involves both vertical and axial load, as well as side movement with full test parameters.

Air spring test stand.
Auto and semi-auto coupler test stand.
Brake valves test stand.
Damper test stands.
Cyclojet INEX Series.
Cyclosystem Heavy Duty Series.
Telescopic underfloor bogie lifters.
Wireless lifting jacks.

Test and analyse different coupler types

The durable piece of equipment, which can operate as automatic and semi-automatic, analyses different types of coupler via a number of different of different tests, including coupling and de-coupling operations, air leakage tests, electrical continuity tests and full load pulling withstand.

Brake valves test stand

The brake valves test stands are designed for the procedural testing of different brakes valves, using accumulated air receivers and bypass or cut-off valves. Some of the tests include pressure withstand, flow-rate measurement, timings and operational tests.

Vertical and horizontal damper test stand

The damper test stand is designed for automatic testing of either vertical or horizontal dampers, or a combination of both in the same test stand.

Inexpensive spray cleaners for small washparts

The Cyclojet INEX series is a standard range of inexpensive spray cleaners, which automatically use high-pressure spray jets to clean the washparts in an enclosed chamber. They come in three basic sizes (small, medium and large) and are fabricated with non-corrosive or stainless-steel materials.

The cleaning medium is usually environmentally-friendly aqueous-based, heated and automatically filtered, and recycled. The Cyclojet INEX series comes with many optional features, which can make the cleaner a true workhorse for the cleaning of small parts in a workshop.

Heavy-duty spray series

The Cyclojet Heavy-Duty Spray series is a range of standard cleaners used for automatic cleaning of larger parts using jet-spray cleaning technology, which comes in either single or multi-stage.

Telescopic bogie drop system

Bulox Equipment’s telescopic bogie drop system is one of the latest innovations for lifting or trains/railcars in the railway industry. It provides a safe and reliable operations, and reduces the need for construction of deep pits.

Wireless lifting jacks for clear and free access

The Bulox wireless lifting jack provides clear and free access under the vehicle without cable installation on the floor. It is easy to navigate and it also incorporates simple and centralised operation controls.

About Bulox Equipment

The evolution of Bulox Equipment comes as a result of the success of Cyclosystem, an established company involved in the design, manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of quality standard and customised equipment for the process and cleaning industry.

It is with this same conviction to innovation, passion and realistic approach to providing practical solutions that the clients entrusted Cyclosystem to design and customise more and more equipment that is non-cleaning related in the rail and track industry.

This business grew to such a level that it was necessary to establish a separate entity – Bulox Equipment. This fully focuses the business and responds to the changing needs in the railway industry, to ultimately serve customers better.

Most of Bulox-Cyclosystem’s equipment is designed to be simple, modular, practical and reliable, yet much emphasis has been put into aesthetic appearance and quality.


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