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Railway Engineering Tests and Measurement Technology

Im Tiefen See 45,
D-64293 Darmstadt,

Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM) has more than 50 years’ experience in the electrical measurement of mechanical quantities and successfully operates in many sectors including the railway industry. We have focused our substantial application know-how on providing complete system solutions, especially suitable for the railway industry’s testing and measuring requirements.

Among a whole range of equipment, HBM performs railway engineering tests on freight wagons, wheelset bearing and axles, non-circular and non-concentric wheels and track bed structure. Other tests include:

  • Experimental stress analysis
  • GPS track recording
  • Power tests
  • Compression tests
  • Braking tests
  • Overriding tests

HBM’s electrical measurement testing also includes the automotive and aerospace industries and production and process automation, testing and systems.

Railcar body measurements

We provide static and dynamic multipoint measuring technology for 1,000 and more measuring channels. Our MGCplus amplifier system allows parallel and synchronous data acquisition.

Mobile data acquisition

Our unique, dynamic multipoint measuring technology allows data from all connected measuring channels to be acquired synchronously and in parallel. Benefit from the sample rates of up to 19.2kHz and the unlimited number of parallel measuring channels
to adapt the system to your individual requirements.

Measuring system for test rigs

The MGCplus system offers both excellent data integrity and simultaneous digital data acquisition for PLC and testing PC. Standard interfaces such as Profibus DP, Ethernet, CAN, IEE 488 are used for communication.

Technical and operating safety is a crucial feature in the railway industry. HBM test system technology already has set standards in many fields.

HBM’s single-source approach

As your partner in measurement technology, HBM can provide you with well-tuned components ranging from sensors through to amplifiers and software. The components’ modular design allows nearly any combination and thus the assembly of measurement chains optimally fit for your measurement task.


We offer a great variety of standard sensors and transducers for force, pressure, strain, acceleration, torque as well as strain gauges and customized sensors.

Amplifier systems

Our scalable amplifier systems can be extended to up to several thousands of channels. They provide the options of manual or computer control and allow stand-alone or network operation (fieldbus, Ethernet). All commonly available sensor types can be

PC measurement technology means: computer controlled measurement electronics for four up to 64 channels, for all standard sensor principles.


HBM offers data acquisition, evaluation and visualization for all computer controlled HBM measuring systems, interactive measurement, automatic measurement runs, complete development of user-specific applications and integration of third-party


HBM provides you with measurement equipment and is at hand to support you with scheduling and installing the sensors, taking measurements in compliance with standards and customer requirements, data conditioning, evaluation and visualization.

HBM Presents their Universal Amplifier for QuantumX

HBM's new MX440A universal amplifier complements the QuantumX amplifier system with a compact 4-channel amplifier. Like the other models from the QuantumX series, the MX440A features outstanding flexibility. The four channels can all be individually configured and can be used for measu

HBM Announces their Universal 8-channel Amplifier for QuantumX

HBM's new MX840A 8-channel universal amplifier, for the QuantumX system, supports up to 15 different transducer types per channel at an attractive price. This amplifier supports strain gages and inductive transducers in full and half bridge configuration, voltage and current, resistive

HBM Announces the Latest Release of nCode Automation

Darmstadt – The new 5.1 release of HBM's nCode Automation provides a higher level of flexibility for engineers needing to interrogate and learn from their test data. The release offers a complete environment for engineering data storage, analysis and reporting that features new extensible

HBM Wins Silver Best of Sensors Expo Award in Data Acquisition Category

HBM today announced it has been awarded a Silver Sensors Best of Sensors Expo award in the data acquisition category for its portable high-speed data acquisition and transient recording system, GEN5i. The award-winning GEN5i integrates a high-end PC and a state-of-the-art data acquisiti

HBM Launches the Latest Version of Perception Data Acquisition Software

HBM has released version 6.0 of its leading Perception data acquisition software. Perception integrates multi-platform hardware control, live display, data acquisition, review, analysis, report generation and data export in one package. It has been designed from basic principles, ensuring it is e

Analysing Large Data Volumes Easily with nCode GlyphXE

The new data processing system nCode GlyphXE™ from HBM is intended for highly efficient processing and analysis of very large data quantities, such as those produced with complex test equipment. nCode GlyphXE enables measured data to be easily evaluated after acquisition – irrespective of t

Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM)

Im Tiefen See 45

D-64293 Darmstadt