IONX Asset Monitoring

The IONX Edge T-Series asset monitoring system from Amsted Rail lets you track your fleet from the mountains to the balance sheet and everywhere in between. The system uses a combination of the latest GPS technology, proven robust wireless sensor systems, and reliable cellular communication networks that seamlessly integrate with IONX software.

Industry leaders count on IONX asset monitoring to maximise asset visibility. It allows clients to monitor the location and status of a railcar or other assets, as well as the condition of critical components in near real-time by providing timely, accurate and actionable information. With IONX, clients have the information they need to optimise the performance of their fleet.

Real-time asset monitoring systems for railways

Combining M2M communications with GPS, IONX systems deliver real-time data to better manage fleet operations and improve financial performance. With IONX, you can increase the visibility of mobile assets, improve logistics management, identify supply chain bottlenecks and receive immediate notification of critical events.

T5X provides the ability to correlate struck coupler force to accelerations and includes a historical data log for refined analysis of the asset’s operating environment.
The handbrake sensor verifies proper application of the individual handbrake and can provide near real-time reports regarding the secutity of unattended trains.
The bearing temperature sensor continuously monitors roller bearing temperature to minimise false setouts and automatically sends an alert when there is a risk of potential damage due to overheating.
The temperature sensor accurately measures changes in commodity climate.
Advanced motion control bogie (AAR M-976) with integrated transducers and on-board weighing system sensors provide precise measurements of the car’s payload. It also improves loading/unloading accuracy to maximise logistics and revenue opportunities.
Reports on critical events, such as misapplied hand brakes, hatch openings or high wheel impacts, are available in near real-time through email or text alerts, which helps reduce maintenance costs and lading contamination.
The exception report will track your car repairs and automatically create and send exception letters and counter bill records on your behalf.
A heat map that shows trail of assets; larger circles and darker colours indicate areas of excessive dwell times.
Idle time is charted each day to help manage efficient use of assets.
Identify asset status and avoid supply chain issues with email alerts configured around customisable geo-fences.

IONX provides customised, comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of fleet managers worldwide, including:

  • Tanker fleets:
    • Monitor in real time whether any hatch is closed and sealed, which prevents cargo theft and contamination
    • Know when each shipment departs and arrives
    • Be immediately alerted to any incident or impact event
    • Be alerted to a broken or missing seal that involve the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transport (DoT), Transport Security Administration (TSA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Containers and chassis:
    • Track asset departure and arrival
    • Receive immediate alerts if containers are off route
    • Track demand versus supply over time and by location
    • Maintain lean inventory, reducing operating expense and capital investment
  • Locomotive, ISO tank fleets, utilities and Hy-Rail vehicles:
    • Reduce crew overtime costs
    • Control and reduce maintenance costs
    • Monitor fuel levels and consumption

Real-time management reports for locomotive assets

IONX provides data that enables clients to see the real-time location and condition status of rail and locomotive assets.

Our customisable web-based provide comprehensive information essential to managing the performance, condition and security of a fleet.

GPS and cellular-enabled communication systems

Utilising proven technology of satellite and cellular communications, IONX provides users with optimal coverage for their operational needs, anywhere in the world.

The Communication Management Unit (CMU) is the ‘intelligence centre’ of the system, using GPS to locate railcar, locomotive and fleet vehicle assets anywhere in the world for near real-time global tracking. Our products are certified intrinsically safe for North American, European (ATEX) and world (IECEx) standards. It also uses satellite or cellular service to transmit location and status information directly to the user’s computer or cellular telephone

The entire IONX system leverages our proprietary ultra-low power technology that extends the life and charge of the batteries in the CMU as well as its sensors. Our robust components are engineered to withstand the harshest operating environments, from remote deserts to sub-zero climates

Online access to asset information

Access your fleet information 24/7 with a secure login to IONX’s web interface. Here you can see the activity of your fleet, right down to the individual asset level. Our customised web-based management tools provide a comprehensive view of your system to monitor trends and improve financial performance

Experts in heavy haul operations and rail car systems

IONX has proven technology for all sensing, M2M communications and GPS components, as well as a leading edge data analytics system designed specifically for rail operations. Due to its extensive expertise in heavy haul operations and manufacturing rail car systems, IONX serves many facets of the freight market such as fleet owners, railroads and leasing companies.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, IONX also has experience with TSA’s regulations regarding the transportation of toxic or poisonous materials. Our products are certified as intrinsically safe for North American, ATEX and IECEx standards.