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Technology for Railway Development and Management

33 Allison St,
Bowen Hills,
QLD 4006 Australia

DataHawk, the Trimble-authorised dealer for rail technology in Australia, offers technology solutions for all stages of railway development and management.

Combining the latest in GPS and GNSS, optical measurement, imaging and 3D-scanning technologies with customised software and wireless communications, DataHawk technology can quickly and accurately capture the data you need to get the job done. DataHawk not only provides you with the tools to capture the data; it also offers software solutions for effective decision making throughout the process and back in the office. It focuses on advanced process integration through the complete railway lifecycle, from the feasibility phase, through design and construction, to the subsequent operation, maintenance and safety of the railway.

DataHawk’s dedicated team, which includes several qualified surveyors and engineers, has many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the equipment and solutions it offers. By partnering with you to understand the challenges and opportunities you face, DataHawk will provide the solutions you need to transform your business.

Rail planning and analysis

Whether it’s extending existing lines or creating an entirely new route, planning and feasibility for rail are crucial tasks. Planners must consider geographic, environmental and social factors in selecting locations for improvements and facilities. DataHawk knows that long-term success relies on accurate information to make informed decisions and it offers a number of asset management and preventative maintenance solutions to help.

Rail design and construction

Railway construction projects require the highest levels of precision combined with rugged reliability. Through DataHawk, you’ll have access to advanced construction and surveying solutions which will enable you to meet the requirements of your project more efficiently.

Rail safety and maintenance

Rail infrastructure needs constant maintenance to ensure safety and reliability. DataHawks offer a variety of solutions, including:

  • Track inspection
  • Railway monitoring
  • Fixed and mobile asset management
  • Automated weed control
  • Wireless mesh radio networks
  • Rolling stock management solutions

Project management software

Manage key railway construction project development phases and deliverables with project management software from DataHawk.

This software enables construction engineering firms as well as government agencies to efficiently manage their capital projects, programmes, facilities and assets. From sharing digital images, journals and calendars, to managing assets and profitability tracking, this software will ensure the best overall project performance.


DataHawk has technology suppliers and partners to ensure it can offer you the best solution for your business. They are:


Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies that help customers grow their business by collecting, managing and analysing complex information faster and easier. Its portfolio includes over 1,800 patents and serves as the basis for the broadest positioning offering in the industry. Click here to find out more.


iMetrum develops solutions for monitoring of large and complex structures and DataHawk has brought its video monitoring solution to the Australian rail market. Cost-effective and completely passive, the iMetrum video monitoring solution can accurately monitor a structure even when there are dynamic forces in play, such as a train running over a rail bridge. Click here to find out more.


Established in 1888, Ultimate Positioning Group (UPG) provides the latest in geospatial solutions across a number of industries, including mining, land surveying, construction, utilities, local government and environmental. As Trimble’s distribution partner for eastern and central Australia, UPG will provide you with the best solution, and can also assist with installation, support, service and repair. Click here to find out more.


SITECH is the global Trimble brand name for dealerships who distribute site-wide solutions to heavy civil and mining contractors. SITECH leverages Trimble machine control solutions and Trimble’s complete portfolio of connected site solutions to improve the productivity and efficiency of your projects through all stages of the construction lifecycle. Its technology leads to significant improvements in project workflow, dramatically increases production and improves accuracy, all while lowering operating costs. Click here to find out more.


Competitive and regulatory pressures in the construction industry continue to increase. BuildingPoint Australia and New Zealand, authorised distribution partner for Trimble Buildings, can help you increase efficiency and profitability through advanced technology solutions for all stages of the design, build and operate lifecycle. Click here to find out more.

Transform 2015

UPG, SITECH, BuildingPoint and DataHawk, Trimble authorised dealers in Australia, announced registration is officially open for Transform 2015 conferences, being held during May in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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