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Schweizer Electronic

Automatic Track Warning Systems

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With its economical and fail-safe rail system solutions Schweizer Electronic offers a unique perspective on safety at work. The company is the market leader in the rapidly growing portable and permanent Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS) market.

The modern range of products for safety at work and level crossings is geared towards customer and safety requirements at all times.

MINIMEL®95 mobile automatic track warning system

MINIMEL95 is the warning system for protecting work sites on railways. MINIMEL95 registers train movements in a multitude of track situations and guarantees individual and / or collective warning at the appropriate time through cables and / or radio data transmissions.

The MINIMEL95 warning system is the optimal workforce protection. It has been developed on customer needs and many years of experience in day-to-day use. The MINIMEL95 warning system is a modular, future oriented and expandable product line with minimal lifecycle cost. MINIMEL95 makes economic, optimal protection possible, from the small mobile track maintenance work up to complex
major construction sites.

MINIMEL ISP signalling controlled track warning system

A MINIMEL interlocking system permanent (ISP) provides worker protection that is guaranteed, automatic and perfectly timed:

  • In station areas and on intersections with centralised traffic control
  • On open tracks with high-speed, long-warning distances and short time of operation
  • In limited access areas like tunnels and bridges
  • At crossovers with multiple tracks and switches

The MINIMEL ISP connected to a relay or an electronic signalling system detects trains and calculates automatic warnings. The warnings are then transmitted to permanent warning installations for immediate operation or to temporary installations for perfectly tuned operations. MINIMEL ISP can also send warning signals to portable MINIMEL95 automatic track warning systems plugged into sockets. MINIMEL ISP is ready to use future ETCS / ERTMS technology.

M2S Services International

M2S Services International is offered as a turnkey solution by Schweizer Electronic. We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for simple as well as complex situations:

  • Consultancy
  • Project planning
  • Logistics
  • System Installation
  • Function test
  • Instruction
  • On-site operating
  • Standby service
  • Dismantling
  • Maintenance

Level crossings

Our approved and innovative electronic controls enable you to safeguard all situations on your network. From the user operation up to complex crossings combined with traffic signalling systems, our products can be trusted.

Radio remote control and radio data transmission

Schweizer Electronic offers reliable, high accessibility and secure radio solutions for the railway, cable car, construction, road transport, agriculture and forestry, medical, industrial, energy supply, water supply, and sewage management sectors. Many years of engineering and development experience, coupled with the most modern radio technology, result in sound solutions.

Schweizer Electronic Group

The Schweizer Electronic Group is the market leader in automated warning systems for the safety of persons and equipment on operated rail tracks in Europe. High-security radio and data transmission systems supplement product range and market segments.

The group employs over 180 employees in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy and Austria. All operating processes are governed and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and CENELEC EN 50 126.

Bahn 2000

In the 1980s, rail corridors through the Swiss Alps were running near capacity, and traffic connections in the densely p

InnoTrans 2006 – Latest development

SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC is presenting its latest generation of products in the fields of Work Protection, Signalling Solutions and Radio Systems. Visit us in Hall 26 Stand 217 (Work Protection) and in Hall 2.2 Stand 208 (Signalling Solutions and Radio Systems) We look forward to showing yo

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