Quality Technical Services is an inspection consultancy that performs quality and specification verification on railway vehicles and components manufactured in China for export. The company is a Sino-America partnership of inspection engineers with more than 50 years’ combined experience in the quality and specification verification of Chinese transport equipment for export.

Hong Kong-registered and insured, Quality Technical Services inspection engineers are also certified in welding /or and non-destructive examination, as well as providing value-added inspection services at a competitive price.

Prevention of non-conformance and errors on railway vehicles

Quality Technical Services is focused on the prevention of non-conformances in the quality of materials and workmanship, as well as the deterrence of errors and omissions in specifications throughout all aspects of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to the finished products.

Our motto about how we perform our work says it all: "We work for our customer and with the manufacturer to achieve our customer’s requirements."

Performance of detailed inspection on critical components.
Thorough inspections of primary equipment.
Review of project plans prior to the commencement of work.
Verifying quality and compliance for locomotives.
Verifying quality and compliance for wagons.
Verifying a wide range of railway vehicle components.
Quality and compliance of specialised rail freight containers.
Detailed inspection of critical processes.
Verification of components prior to assembly.

Independent and collaborative railway vehicle inspections

Quality Technical Services can work with your team or independently. The company’s inspection engineers have worked together with teams of project managers and engineering consultancies to deliver customers’ requirements, as well as operating independently.

Quality and specification verification inspections for railway vehicles

Quality Technical Services inspection engineers have performed specification verification inspections on a variety of railway vehicles and components, including:

  • Locomotives
  • Flat, well and hopper wagons
  • Freight wagon bogies
  • Passenger car bogies
  • Railway vehicle parts

Inspection of specialised rail freight containers

Quality Technical Services provides specification verification inspection services on specialised freight containers transported by rail, including:

  • Swop body containers
  • European pallet-wide containers
  • Curtain-side containers
  • Side-door-opening containers
  • Double-stack intermodal containers

We offer a full-range of value-added inspection services, and have delivered extensive scopes of work at high levels of responsibility to our customers, including:

  • Audits of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Translation of technical matters from Chinese to English, and vice versa
  • Review, comparison and analysis of Chinese standards vs. customer standards
  • Review of quality plans, including inspection and test plans, as well as quality checking procedures
  • Review of specifications and drawings
  • Review of mill certificates, test results and quality certificates for materials
  • Review of welding procedures and welder qualifications
  • Witness qualification testing of welders
  • Witness non-destructive examination of welds, castings and forgings
  • Surveillance inspections throughout the manufacturing process
  • Visual inspection of manufacturing processes, including dimensional measurement
  • Witness of locomotive testing
  • Witness testing of wagon testing
  • Individual inspection and test witness of completed railway vehicles and components
  • Packaging inspections on railway vehicles and components prior to delivery
  • Vessel loading inspections on railway vehicles and components at port of export

Our scope of work can be adjusted to meet customers’ specific requirements.

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Who can you trust to ensure the quality of your railway vehicles and components sourced from China? Quality Technical Services is your trusted partner for quality and specification verification of railway vehicles and components made in China for export

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