DNV offers independent safety assessment, risk management, independent tests and notified body verification to the rail industry.

Established in 1864, DNV is an independent company with the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment. Its core competence is to identify, assess and advise on how to manage risk.

Rail project risk management

Whether we certify railway projects, classify a ship, certify an automotive company’s management system or advise on how to best maintain an aging oil platform according to directives, our aim is to safely and responsibly improve business performance.

As a leading international provider of services for managing risk, we know the point of managing risk is not necessarily to eliminate it, but to have an overview of the most critical tasks and manage them professionally.

DNV is involved in third-party assessment work on the Copenhagen Metro phase four, having already performed such tasks on phases one, two and three.
DNV is competent within risk management standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 as well as ERTMS systems.
DNV not only assesses trains and infrastructure, but also stations and constructions; it was involved in Flintholm station, which has won architectural awards.
DNV uses TRAIL performance assessment to measure reliability and performance on rail infrastructure and metro projects; our capability in this area is unique and the most comprehensive and accurate available.
DNV is an accredited body for certification of quality management systems ISO 9001 and has railway experts that are also triple-lead auditors; risk management is not a problem.

DNV’s understanding of technology blended with competency within risk management has been used to assess, evaluate and manage the risks involved in numerous high-profile projects around the world.

Rail safety plans and risk assessment processes

We provide well-structured safety plans and assessment processes that strengthen your project by reducing the risk. It also enhances the approval process from the authorities as well as your customers.

We can help you define the optimal process and approach for achieving your goals in the market.

Notified body for rail certification

With reference to the interoperability directives 96/48/EC, 2001/16/EC and 2008/57/EC, DNV is appointed as a notified body for railways and has several projects in progress.

DNV provides certificates within the following structural areas:

-Control command and signalling
-Rolling stock
All suppliers, adjudicating entities and purchasers of subsystems covered by the interoperability directives can apply for EC verification of subsystems. The requirements for the content of applications are described in the relevant technical specifications for interoperability (TSI) and depend on which assessment procedure (modules) are chosen.

Rail design review, audits, inspections and testing
A notified body is needed in the following areas:

-Design review
By issuing a verification statement an assessment report, audit report, inspection report and more is included.

If all requirements are complied with, a certificate will be issued for TSI requirements. For interoperability constituents assessment of conformity and suitability-for-use can be certified; for subsystems EC verification can be certified.

Rail product certification, quality/safety management approvals and independent safety assessments
DNV is experienced in all fields of TSIs and is an accredited certification body with rail experience. Thus DNV does not fall short of handling larger projects that include product certification, quality/safety management approvals and independent safety assessments all-in-one.

Terms like ‘product certification’ and ‘independent safety assessment’ and also ‘third-party assessment’ are consolidated within the railway industry.

More and more companies find it profitable for an independent party to make a project assessment early in the project process, in time for any corrections to be dealt with before the approval process by the railway authority.

National safety authorities have on several occasions given approval to DNV as an independent party that can render assistance in connection with the approval process.