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Advanced Simulators for Comprehensive Railway Driver Training

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CC Engineers (CC) is a leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of dynamic simulators and technology-intensive customised projects for the rail and transport industry.

Headquartered in Pune, India, CC is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC). With a large in-house team of engineers, software professionals, digital artists and technical staff, the company prides itself on its ability to understand customers and apply cutting-edge technology solutions to exceed client expectations.

CC’s offerings range across several types of customisable products and services in the simulator industry. It employs state-of-the-art technology, including advanced virtual and alternative reality (VR/AR), mixed reality (MR) and detailed replica sets, to create a fully immersive training environment that allows drivers to familiarise themselves with every component of the train and all possible faults.

Driving simulators with a range of models and customised options

CC’s driving simulators are used to train loco-pilots in train driving techniques, procedures and troubleshooting. Models include full-motion cab, static cab, virtual, desk and mobile, along with specialised simulators for applications such as accident relief, traffic management and signalling systems.

These simulators are crucial tools in educating train loco-pilots to learn in a safe environment and teach how to manoeuvre the train under challenging constraints caused by weather conditions, track undulations, variable loading or track obstructions. Drivers learn how to identify and correct faults, as well as repair and replace components.

Simulators also provide comprehensive hands-on training on geo-typical or geo-specific track sections for improved route learning and sectional challenges for a chosen section.

Simulation sessions can be designed, controlled, and monitored through an independent instructor station. Their unique design enables reduced time of instruction, increases the efficiency of troubleshooting while reducing the risks and dangers associated with it, and promotes a focus on skills that pertain to the entire driving unit. Drivers are also provided instruction on driving for improved passenger comfort.

CC’s driving simulators also come equipped with evaluation software that allows the instructor to evaluate drivers based on specified metrics. A company that cares about providing customers with the best possible product, CC offers its customers fully customisable solutions, including a wide range of training, instruction and evaluation material.

Simulators for maintenance, troubleshooting and major sub-systems

CC has carried out pioneering work in creating specialised troubleshooting and maintenance simulators that assist trainees in understanding the normal working of each sub-system and recreate the troubleshooting environment.

In a safe environment, the trainee can learn about the electric, control and software signals that are exchanged between the system and its controlling microprocessor and understand the communication and signals exchanged between the system microprocessor and train/vehicle control and management system (TCMS). These simulators are essential in helping trainees understand the importance and functioning of train lines, including each subsystem up to the last replaceable component. The trainees can conduct a ‘what if analysis’ on each subsystem and effectively troubleshoot all possible faults.

The simulators for major subsystems include TCMS, heating, ventilation and air-condition (HVAC), door systems, air supply, braking, traction, auxiliary, train communication, and other specialised sub-systems.

Patented visual technology, including virtual and augmented reality

Simulators manufactured by CC also employ a patented visual system that supplies detailed photorealistic imagery, called SOVAC. It replicates the track in various conditions covering rain, fog, any specified time of the day or night, and simulates various other details such as the sun’s glare or a broken window. The advanced graphics imagery (CGI) replicates the real geographic terrain for any selected track section and provides an advanced analogue for a real train experience.

The fault simulation system in the simulators also employs advanced technology through which all possible faults that can occur in the locomotive are fully simulated. The trainee driver can take corrective action based on the standard troubleshooting directory (TSD) for the vehicle and when faults require the driver to go to the machine room, rooftop or under the train, corrective action can be taken through a 3D virtual screen. These individual systems work in tandem to generate a full simulation of a real environment.

CC Engineers manufactures simulators for various types of rail vehicles, including:

  • Main line freight trains
  • Main line passenger trains
  • Metro trains
  • Main line transportation
  • EMU/DEMU/MEMU trains
  • Other vehicles such as trams, cranes, LMRT

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