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Entrance Control for Metro Systems

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Gunnebo Entrance Control is the world’s leading specialist in entrance control solutions and has over a century’s experience in every aspect of pedestrian entrance control, from the initial analysis of a security requirement to the implementation of the optimal entrance control solution.

We develop and manufacture the strongest product range in the industry. Our product portfolio specified for public transport systems consists of tripod turnstiles and access control gates to motorised passageways. We design complete standardised and customised solutions for all locations where large groups of people visit, work or pass through.

The Gunnebo Metro division – transportation access control systems

Gunnebo Metro specialises in pedestrian entrance control solutions for public transportation systems. Our clients are integrators of automatic fare collection systems and public transportation authorities like metros, railways and airports. Gunnebo Metro develops and supplies entrance control barrier systems compatible with all automatic fare collection and access control systems.

Operating as a commercial / engineering division within Gunnebo Entrance Control, we draw design and manufacturing resources from the company’s R&D department and production units. Our main activities involve development and marketing of new state-of-the-art machines tailored to specific market requirements.

Gunnebo manufactured 516 customized flap gates for the KCRC Hong Kong metro following the client's requirements of a gate in which design, flow capacity and security combine.
Gunnebo has already installed 180 HiddenGates in the Stockholm Metro.
Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) awarded Gunnebo Entrance Control a contract for 63 HiddenGates and six SAS PMR gates (specially designed for disabled access) for Line 2 of the Barcelona Metro.
This sophisticated gate was developed and tested to provide a smarter entry solution for disabled people on the RATP in Paris.
Gunnebo Entrance Control has supplied ATM-SBME Milano Metro with more than 1,000 tripod turnstiles with drop arm, 70 disabled gates, 20 HiddenGates and more than 50 service gates.

Our latest major references worldwide make us a recognised leading supplier of gates for public transport systems.

Flow capacity and safety in public transport systems

The public transport system of tomorrow will mean increased traffic and even greater volume of travellers. This will make increasing demands on the control system designed to filter out paying passengers from those without a valid ticket. Transit controls need to be secure, convenient, well designed and able to cope with major flows of travellers on the busiest transport services.

The safety aspect demands are also increasing due to that more and more people pass through the different systems every day. Gunnebo Entrance Control’s products are all supplied with different kinds of security functions to ensure a safe exit in case of emergencies like panic or fire.

Transit control solutions for metro lines

Gunnebo Entrance Control’s metro solutions cover every need from straightforward turnstiles to SpeedGates for maximum passenger flow and security – such as rush hour traffic on the underground systems of the world’s major cities.

It is also vital to establish a secure and reliable interface for communication with the entrance barrier and the ticket system. Gunnebo Entrance Control’s product portfolio is compliant to most card reader systems, code or biometrics devices.

Our global presence has given us a genuine knowledge of the special conditions of each individual market. We are ISO 9001 accredited and our solutions comply with all existing standards, CE-testing and local requirements.


In the Metro where there are large crowds of people in motion, there is a need for installations that regulate flow, steer people and prioritise high flow capacity. Gunnebo Entrance Control’s standardised product portfolio has a lot to offer for an easy, reliable and comfortable solution, but products can also be customised in terms of functionality, design and materials.


The HiddenGate is a speed gate for internal installations. This award-winning range of entrance gates represents the latest developments for today’s security requirements. The HiddenGate operates using proven technology for fast reliable operation. Infrared sensors detect the movement of people within the passageway and prevent tailgating, providing maximum flow-capacity and high reliability.

This range also includes a wide walkway that complies with disability discrimination requirements. The HiddenGate is available with bi-parting, or full panel gate.

Tripod turnstiles

Entrance control must operate flawlessly and convey quality. Turnstiles must be light, locks must disengage when activated and gates must open and close smoothly. Solutions range from more simple turnstiles to advanced tripod turnstiles with motorised card-readers and anti-panic drop arms.

Portable magnetic reader (PMR)

Our PMR, with wide lane, interlocking doors and sensor systems, has been designed especially for mass transit. It is suitable for passengers that need a wider walk lane.

Motorised flap gates

Motorised flap gates are efficient with sensor systems that detect any tailgating attempts, and are available with a wider lane. For higher security, pressure-sensitive lids are optional.


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