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Wayside Diagnostic and Monitoring Systems for the Railway Industry

voestalpine Railway Systems provides diagnostic and monitoring solutions for the railway industry using its zentrak system.

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voestalpine Railway Systems’ diagnostic and monitoring solutions for rolling stock use a range of cutting-edge measurement technologies that are now used in more than 4000 locations worldwide under the product name zentrak. Through zentrak, voestalpine Railway Systems has consolidated individual solutions into a unified system that helps clients to optimise fleet maintenance and empowers decisive action.

zentrak’s modular diagnostic systems for rolling stock enable railway customers to plan and size their monitoring strategies according to their own distinct needs, providing value and insight that ranges from single function detector points through to large multi-function checkpoints. zentrak unites voestalpine’s software and hardware competence and, regardless of the installation location, provides reliable asset performance guidance.

Trackside monitoring is supported by zentrak software, which can be used for a range of applications, including alarming and intervention services, fleet condition monitoring, and reporting and system supervision. Each solution is specially designed for specific users within the railway industry to convey concise, real-time information in a way that is accurate and easy to understand.

voestalpine SIGNALING provides railway setting systems, signalling and monitoring solutions.
The company’s heavy haul solutions are suitable for axle loads up to 40t.
voestalpine SIGNALING supplies metro and tram point machines for the light rail sector.
Rolling stock and fixed assets for standard railways can be monitored.
voestalpine SIGNALING’s fixed asset monitoring solutions assess switch conditions, track circuits, signalling power and rail crossings.
The company provides precise diagnostics of wheel defects and vehicle weights on rolling stock.

Monitoring systems for the railway industry

Using its experience in areas such as wheel impact load detection and hot axle box detection, voestalpine has become a globally trusted supplier of the latest railway monitoring technology. zentrak’s modular diagnostic system combines the newest hardware with state-of-the-art software solutions. Together, the system creates a flexible and easy-to-use rolling stock monitoring solution that is both accurate and efficient.

Reducing in-service failures, increasing fleet availability, and ensuring the safe operation of the railway are challenges experienced by every modern railway. To confront this challenge, voestalpine consults with its customers throughout the deployment phase to discuss how the systems will deliver the necessary information. zentrak can send alerts and telegrams to railway employees that are structured in a specific way to ensure that the messages are clear and easy to understand. This helps to avoid confusion and prevents employees from becoming overwhelmed, which results in more efficient operations.

With installation sites spread across the globe, in the hottest deserts and the coldest arctic environments, voestalpine’s zentrak diagnostic and monitoring solutions are able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions anywhere in the world. Their ability to function in extreme environments means that voestalpine’s products are used by a range of customers to protect their assets from excessive wear and unscheduled service failures.

Real-time railway alarms and maintenance alerts

voestalpine operates using a consultative method of feedback and improvement alongside its customer partnerships, enabling leading railway organisations to transition from outdated and inefficient distance-based maintenance regimes to modern, condition-based, and predictive maintenance plans. The company’s expertise in railway monitoring enables it to help its customers to reduce the number of costly repairs that are required and promote a smarter, more informed asset management programme.

With zentrak, voestalpine can provide real-time, split-second alarms, as well as condition-based maintenance alerts through a suite of applications. This enables users to be presented with diagnostic data as soon as it is required, allowing them to interpret and analyse the data immediately.

Consultancy, training, and data analysis services for the railway industry

voestalpine’s railway monitoring systems are further supported by its specialised consultancy team, who share their knowledge with customers to assist them with training, workshops, and data analysis. This enables users to gain the maximum possible benefit from their investments and operate efficiently, resulting in a comprehensive and dynamic monitoring approach that prioritises customers’ needs.

About voestalpine Railway Systems

voestalpine Railway Systems is the global leader of system solutions in the railway infrastructure sector, offering high quality products, logistics, and services for rail, turnout, signalling, and monitoring applications. The company uses its international network and close customer relations to continually improve and develop its products and processes to provide clients with the best possible service.

With more than 100 years of experience within the railway ecosystem, voestalpine has become a leading and trusted name within the industry. Now, the company aims to transfer its extensive knowledge to the digitalisation, software, and data management fields, as they become increasingly relevant to the railway industry. Combining its expertise with the latest technology, voestalpine updates traditional railway assets for the modern world, helping clients to future-proof their operations and adapt to the changing railway industry.

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