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Setting, Diagnostic, Monitoring and Signalling Systems for the Railway Industry

Setting and Control Systems, Austria

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voestalpine SIGNALING specialises in turnout systems and rail asset monitoring technologies.

The group consists of technology-leading companies allocated to two business units, namely Drive, Locking and Detection Systems plus Signalling (DLD+S), and Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologies (DMT).

Railway signalling and monitoring solutions

voestalpine SIGNALING’s DLD+S business unit focuses on turnout setting systems, monitoring technologies and signalling solutions, including drive, locking and detection solutions, urban traffic point machines, rolling stock diagnostics and speed control technologies.

Rolling stock diagnostic systems

voestalpine SIGNALING’s DMT division concentrates on monitoring both rolling stock and fixed rail infrastructure assets.

The unit aims to provide solutions to apply effective maintenance measures and prevent asset failures.

Optimising efficiency of rail assets

voestalpine SIGNALING aims to enable its customers to achieve the highest possible levels of safety and efficiency when using their railway assets to transport people and freight.

The company strives for this by providing innovative and sustainable overall concepts that fit the needs of the client. This ensures that voestalpine SIGNALING is a dependable partner for railway companies worldwide.

Quality assurance in the railway sector

voestalpine SIGNALING divisions are certified against ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, and have product approvals in various countries.

About voestalpine SIGNALING

A subsidiary of voestalpine AG, voestalpine SIGNALING operates on a global scale from its offices in Austria, Germany, Poland and the UK, and its branch offices in Australia and the Netherlands.

voestalpine also has a worldwide network of regional support and sales offices.

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