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Steel Enclosures, Cabins and REBs

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Tyrone Fabrication Ltd (TFL) has developed a diverse and dynamic range of innovative, value-for-money equipment enclosures for the transportation, telecommunications and power-generation sectors. Solutions include steel enclosures, cabins, small electricity meter cabinets, large location cases, internal 19in racking enclosures and external re-locatable equipment buildings (REBs).

At TFL, flexibility, innovative and an in-depth understanding of our market place are at the heart of our specially tailored solutions, backed by quality of design, engineering, manufacture and installation. TFL have everything you need to protect your electronic equipment – anytime, anywhere.

Rre-locatable equipment buildings and cabins

TFL supplies REBs to the rail industry and cabins to the communication sector. Our REBs’ and cabins’ high-quality structural content results in a robust low-maintenance environment specifically designed for housing electronic equipment.

Designed to IP65 standard, our REBs and cabins incorporate many specialised features, such as an air conditioning cooling system which enables internal equipment to be maintained at a constant temperature.

A Tyrone Fabrication Ltd FTN on a site in London.
We provide enclosures for the railway industry, such as this trackside 12m REB.
An NIE cladding unit on a site in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.
A 19in racking enclosure.
TFL's trackside location cases for housing telecom equipment and switchgear.

Another feature is an electronic-static EMC / EMI sub-floor, which ensures equipment is not affected through electro-magnetic interference and also aids under-floor cable management.

Power-generation cladding units

TFL supplies cladding units for the power generation sector. Electricity boards are a major consumer of this product.

Our cladding units are constructed from galvanised steel and powder-coated to the customer’s desired colour. We manufacture them in a range of sizes and they are primarily used to house power-generation equipment such as transformers. TFL cladding units offer an unrivalled combination of quality and choice.

Racking enclosures for communication networks

Our racking enclosures for communication networks (19in and ETSI) boost adjustable racking spacing. These products are generally used by the telecommunication companies (inside their cabins), and are also used in larger buildings where there are many companies using the same room for their communications network.

Racking enclosures are available in a variant of standards and can also be built to customer requirements

Location cases for telecom equipment and switchgear

Our location cases have been specially designed to meet Network Rail’s specification for housing telecom equipment and switchgear. They are manufactured in stainless-steel or galvanised steel and also come in two standard sizes: single door (front and back) and double door (front and back). The TFL location case facilitates ease of installation and maintenance.

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