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TechOnRails provides engineering and R&D consulting services for rail traffic signalling and train information systems.

The company’s services are divided into bespoke and R&D engineering.

TechOnRails offers cost-efficient engineering services, which reduce product development costs and project delivery times.

Engineering services for track signalling systems

TechOnRails’s engineering services for track signalling systems include mechanical, electrical and track equipment layout design.

TechOnRails supplies engineering and R&D consulting services for the rail industry.
The company's engineering services reduce client's product development costs.
TechOnRails offers software engineering and tools, hardware design, tracking requirements, system management, information systems, and functionality testing for passengers.
Since 2009, TechOnRails has already worked on more than 70 different projects worldwide.
The company's commercial office is located in Munich, Germany, and its engineering office is located in Madrid, Spain.

The company also provides wiring, circuit track, cables, panels, hoses and parts, as well as resizing, interconnection and technical documentation.

Interlocking software programming

TechOnRails offers logic programming, tests and validation, reports verification, and generation of software files.

On-board equipment engineering services

TechOnRails’s on-board equipment engineering services cover wiring and mechanical designs, and electronic equipment tests, as well as simulation, prototyping, and technical reports.

Technical information supplied by the company include installation, assembly and maintenance manuals, as well as safety documentation including failure mode, effects, criticality analysis (FMECA) and reliability studies, maintainability, fault trees and risk analysis.

TechOnRails also provides static and dynamic code performance tests and EMC / EMI studies.

Control centre and CTC graphic design (ATS)

TechOnRails supplies a graphic design user interface used for the following applications:

  • Local operator console
  • Centralised traffic control (CTC)
  • Automatic train supervision (ATS)
  • System tests
  • Verification and validation (V&V)
  • Engineering and commissioning
  • Logic design and programming

CTCs and control centre software programming (ATS)

TechOnRails carry out software writing and validation of CTC and ATS programmes according to the client’s requirements.

The company’s software enables analysis, design, programming, testing, documentation, and file generation and installation.

R&D systems engineering for interlocking and communications-based train control

TechOnRails provides systems for electronic interlocking, automatic train protection (ATP), automatic train operation (ATO), European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS) 1-3, driving machine interfaces (DMI), and subsystems.

Passenger information systems

TechOnRails offers hardware design, software engineering and tools, system management, tracking requirements, and functionality testing for passenger information systems.

Product verification and validation

The company’s V&V services cover the following areas:

  • Test specification
  • Performance test and simulation
  • Scripting
  • Real environment functional integration and test
  • Technical documentation and product manuals
  • Testing reports
  • Software tools design
  • Simulators emulators and scripting
  • Static and dynamic code performance test

Safety engineering and analysis services

TechOnRails’ safety engineering services include failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis (FMECA).

The company also analyses reliability, maintainability, fault trees and risk levels.

About TechOnRails

Since 2009, TechOnRails has already worked on more than 70 different projects, and delivered more than 650,000 engineering hours for high-speed, mainline, suburban, light rail and metro trains worldwide.

The company’s engineering office is located in Madrid, Spain, and its commercial office is located in Munich, Germany.