MICA Elektro, founded in 1983, specialises in the design and manufacture of rechargeable MICA hand lamps, cap lamps, head lamps and lamps with signalling functions.

Robust flashlights

Rechargeable MICA flashlights set the standard for professional, portable illumination from underground mines to offshore oil platforms. MICA flashlights are used anywhere where flashlight performance and reliability are top priorities. The mechanical construction and electronics are optimised through an advanced design, with a goal of creating an exceptionally robust, practical flashlight with high reliability and performance in any conditions.

Chargers for MICA flashlights are designed to assure optimised battery life and availability. The charging technique is the latest design and all models are fully automatic to ease everyday use.

ML-600 series rechargeable signalling lamps

The ML-600 is an extremely compact, rechargeable signalling hand lamp with the power and durability normally only seen in hand lamps several times the size. The product has an ultra-bright Luxeon® LED, sophisticated control electronics and NiMH cells to give long usage times, powerful light output and fast recharging.

The MICA ML series is a compact flashlight and signalling lamp family for professional use.
The ML-800 ATEX series has extensive lighting power for use in hazardous areas: the control electronics and NiMH cells give long usage times, powerful light output and fast, reliable charging.
Our IL-61 signalling lamp is designed to withstand the harshest environments: it includes a powerful LED matrix, a charge state indicator and a wide variety of bulb powers.
The MICA IL-80 ATEX hand-lamp is designed for use in hazardous areas: the tough casing is anti-static and will protect the electronics from the harshest of environments.
The MICA HL-800 ATEX weighs only 512g with a battery; battery packs can be replaced without tools in a few seconds while in a hazardous area.

ML-601 and ML-602 models feature LED matrices for signalling. The MICA ML-601DB is specially tailored for Europe’s biggest railway operator, but has also been adapted for other major operators across Europe.

All ML-600 series lamps feature emergency function (EM): when set in an MLC charger the lamp detects power outages and turns on automatically.

ML-800 ATEX rechargeable hand lamp

The ML-800 ATEX is a high performance, extremely robust, intrinsically safe rechargeable hand lamp. With ultra-bright Luxeon LED (1W or 3W) you can say farewell to bulb changes.

The product has a sophisticated charge-state indicator and NiMH cells to give long usage times, powerful light output, and fast and reliable recharging. ML-800 ATEX EM models features emergency function. The ML-800 carries full Ex, ATEX and GOST certifications.

The ergonomic design is very comfortable to use and the compact size means that it can be clipped onto a jacket / belt easily.

IL-60 AND IL-60 NiMH rechargeable hand lamp

The IL-60 hand lamp system is acknowledged as the leading product on the market in terms of durability, reliability and technology. The system combines highly advanced electronics with practical design, giving a reliable ‘go anywhere’ product. It boasts a dual-power switch, advanced charge state indicator and wide variety of bulb powers.

The MICA ILC charging holders use the latest charging techniques, ensuring you will obtain several years’ use from the NiCd or NiMH cell pack before it needs replacing.

IL-61 rechargeable signalling lamp

A special model of the famous IL-60 hand lamp, the MICA IL-61 has 12 incorporated powerful red LEDs for signalling. Signalling LEDs are clearly visible up to 1km distance in broad daylight. There is a special switch for choosing between powerful halogen lamps and signalling LEDs. Other signalling colours are also available. Dependable MICA ILC charging holders also charge IL-61 lamps.

IL-80 ATEX rechargeable hand lamp

The IL-80 ATEX rechargeable hand lamp is a robust, intrinsically safe, rechargeable hand lamp for use in hazardous areas. It carries full Ex, ATEX and GOST certifications and is also type-approved by Det Norske Veritas.

Durable anti-static casing protects the advanced electronics providing performance in the most demanding environments. A dual-power switch allows you to obtain the ideal combination of beam power and usage time. MICA IL-80 is available both with halogen or ultra-bright Luxeon LEDs.

HL-150 helmet lamp

HL-150 helmet lamp is specifically designed for heavy industry use, providing the same modern features as the IL-60 (including the charge state indicator) and a separate battery pack, placed on the user’s belt. It has a high-capacity 8.5Ah NiMH battery with intelligent control electronics. The primary bulb is an ultra-bright 1W Luxeon LED and the secondary bulb is a white 5mm LED.

HL-800 ATEX hazardous area safety head / helmet lamp

The HL-800 ATEX head / helmet lamp is an intrinsically safe version of the HL-200. HL-800 ATEX carries full Ex, ATEX and GOST certifications. It features the same properties as the HL-200 and it is constructed entirely of antistatic materials.

The primary bulb is an ultra-bright 1W Luxeon LED and the secondary bulb a white 5mm LED. HL-800 ATEX batteries can be changed inside hazardous areas and use MICA HC-41 and HC-42 fast chargers.