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Signalling and Catenary Solutions

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KRUCH is a specialist in signalling and catenary solutions for the railway sector, working closely with leading international rail infrastructure providers.

We are an Austrian company with 147 years experience in the industry. Our products combine functionality with ease of use, significantly reducing lifecycle costs.

We develop, produce and deliver components, such as flexible hangers, automatic tensioning systems and load weights, adjustable catenary masts with cantilevers, remote condition monitoring systems for catenaries and pantographs, signal masts with lift (also for retrofitting), energy flow simulation (online simulation tool).

The KRUCH SMA system significantly lowers service times by raising engineers to the appropriate signal height.
With an incredibly fast installation time, the KRUCH FLH-02 can be operational in minutes, requiring only one tool.
KRUCH’s EFS software can quickly and easily be adapted to suit any anomalies that arise in your system.
The KRUCH FMD avoids all track contact, allowing for precise measurement.
KRUCH manufactures tension measurement devices, which test the stress of signal wheels, working maintenance-free.
KRUCH products are distributed all across Europe, satisfying the requirements of a wide variety of regulatory bodies.

Railway signal mast systems with integrated service lift

The KRUCH SMA signal mast system is a new concept in signal maintenance, where engineers are lifted up to the site of operation (up to 7m), rather than typical signal servicing methods.This helps you to save lifes and to fulfill the constantly rising demands of labour safety directives. Same time it will bring you big economical savings by making vehicle-skylifts redundand and maximising the availability of tracks.

The advantages of the KRUCH SMA compared with typical systems include:

  • Minimised service time
  • Improved safety at work
  • Vehicle-skylifts are no longer needed
  • Maximised railway line availability
  • Only one service engineer needed

Time and cost-efficient catenary hangers without thimbles

The KRUCH FLH-02 catenary hanger, without a thimble, is one of the most modern, time and cost-saving hanger on the market, fulfilling all EN50119 requirements, with an incredibly long lifecycle.

Benefits of using the FLH-02 include:

  • An adjustable length for ideal contact wire height
  • Quick and easy installation with just one tool
  • No crimping of hanger wire
  • An ideal electrical connector
  • Same clamp used for contact and messenger wires

Customisable track energy flow simulation software

Our energy flow simulation (EFS) software is a dynamic model of clients’ specific railway-electric-networks. It considers all electrical components and calculates energy flows in the network. The user can easily create a simulation scenario by changing switches in the line (e.g. substation down), timetables, train parameters, and many more. The results will be displayed in very intuitive graphical diagrams.

The tool is extremely easy-to-use and delivers proven reliable results. Other benefits include:

  • Able to simulate any situation in your network without using external technicians
  • Analyse voltage on the line and power demands on substations
  • Requires only ten minutes of training for new users
  • Easy to adapt to accommodate physical network changes

Contact-free railway track measuring tools

We supply accurate, contact-free measurement systems to determine correct catenary positions, they identify the horizontal and vertical distances to poles, bridge heights, and cable heights, positioning the instrument and displaying the results using an integrated, fully coloured finder / display unit.

Advantages of Kruch measuring systems include:

  • Measurement without track contact
  • Easy to handle
  • Robust and precise
  • Includes Bluetooth data transmission

Automatic tension devices

The KRUCH automatic wheel tensioning device, for combined or separated tensioning, works maintenance-free. Thousands of units have been installed worldwide.

Advantages include:

  • Reduced lifecycle-costs
  • Practically no maintenance required
  • Automatically self-aligning
  • High accuracy
  • Reduced skewing of hangers, contact wire is kept straight

Adjustable catenary masts and cantilevers

Our very special, light-weight and stiff catenary mast is equipped with a 1m in height adjustable fixation of the cantilever, operated from ground-level. The cantilever is adjustable too, so you can define the stagger of the contact wire, also from ground level.

Benefits include:

  • Adjust and readjust the contact wire height and stagger at any time in 1min
  • Lift the contact line 1m up to allow over-sized transports
  • Minimise the use of heavy cranes, need less staff in the building process
  • Maximised track availability

Remote condition monitoring

One of our missions is to bring the internet of things (IoT) into the railway infrastructure. We are developing and introducing robust sensors (contact wire uplift, temperature, tensioning force, acceleration, and more) into the catenary, to monitor the condition of infrastructure components and of the train pantographs, fully automatic.

Combined with our online database and smart algorithms this gives you a fully automatic, centralised remote condition monitoring system, that will support you to find damage, prevent breakdowns, predict trends, and save time to check the pantographs travelling on your network.

Advantages include:

  • Analyse trends of values automatically, predict failures
  • Pro-active maintenance, before breakdown
  • Optimised use of maintenance capacities and budgets
  • Maximised track availability


The supply of energy connection cabinet, working pit tube lamps, rail track construction machine lighting, and personal protective equipment are all vital areas of the modern rail industry. KRUCH addresses these areas with products from Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland (GIFAS).

KRUCH is a worldwide export partner for GIFAS products in the railway, tram and trolleybus industries.


  • Nîmes-Montpellier Bypass High-Speed Line

    France’s Nîmes-Montpellier bypass, also known as Contournement ferroviaire de Nîmes et Montpellier (CNM), will be the first mixed high-speed Ligne à Grande Vitesse (LGV) line dedicated to both passenger and freight transport.

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