KATHREIN-Werke is one of the world’s largest and oldest antenna manufacturers. The KATHREIN Group currently employs more than 6,600 individuals at 24 production facilities and 61 subsidiaries, as well as affiliates worldwide.

Antenna systems and electronic products

For more than 90 years, KATHREIN-Werke has been developing, producing and marketing a wide-range of antenna systems and electronic products. KATHREIN’s technological edge has made it one of the leaders in its field. KATHREIN-Werke offers a full portfolio, which includes:

  • Mobile communication systems
  • Satellite and terrestrial antenna products and systems
  • Hybrid fibre coax networks
  • Radio frequency identification
  • Broadcast antenna systems
  • Car antennas and automotive systems

Base-station antennas for mobile networks

KATHREIN-Werke is the market-leader in the field of base-station antennas for mobile communication networks, with a monthly production output of over 100,000 antennas. Its customers include all the major system suppliers, as well as more than 250 single network operators worldwide.

The current product portfolio in the field of mobile communications ranges from 25 – 6,000MHz and includes products for all cellular networks, as well as antennas for bus, rail and ground-to-air communications.

Base-station antenna on a train track.
KATHREIN antennas are in daily use for trams and buses.
Norwegian train with KATHREIN antennas on the roof.
Taiwan high-speed rail equipped with KATHREIN antennas.
KATHREIN antennas in use for company communication.

Antennas for trains and buses

Train and bus antennas are required for a variety of different applications. KATHREIN, as an innovative manufacturer, provides mobile access for both passengers and train operators.

KATHREIN develops base-station antennas, which provide future-proof network capabilities, along train tracks for safety applications and all common mobile communication frequencies.

On top of this, KATHREIN equips train operators with a large variety of antennas for train connectivity.

The company portfolio covers frequency ranges from 68MHz up to 3800MHz, including integrated GPS solutions.

Voice and data communication for security systems

The most important field is certainly voice and data communication for security systems. KATHREIN offers different antennas for this sector, including:

  • 4m-band (80MHz): used in shunting operations (arranging single carriages to a complete train) for voice communication between the shunter and the engine-driver
  • 2m-band (160MHz): used in running train operation for voice communication between the engine-driver and the central office. This band is mostly used by trams and buses.
  • 70cm-band (450MHz): main band for voice communication on the railways, including safety system
  • GSM-R (900MHz): pan-European standard for digital railway communications

KATHREIN offers further applications in the area of train antennas, including:

  • Global positioning GPS (1575MHz)
  • Mobile communications (GSM, UMTS, LTE)
  • Data transmission WLAN, WiMAX (2500MHz)
  • Radio networks (UKW frequencies)

Grounding elements for voltage protection

Train antennas made by KATHREIN are well-known as reliable and highly sophisticated products. Our antennas are distinguished by excellent voltage protection against accidental high voltage contacts, thanks to diligently conceived grounding elements implemented in their overall design. In addition, train antennas face extremely harsh environmental and operational conditions.

KATHREIN train antennas have not only a proven history in the field, bur are also all tested according to the standard EN50155, which was initialised by Deutsche Bahn AG.

For multi-band antennas, several combiners to interconnect the corresponding frequency bands are available. All devices undergo vibration and shock tests, according to ETS-300019-1-4.

Quality and service

KATHREIN has a high level of knowledge in the area of train antennas, having worked in field for more than 50 years.

The slogan ‘quality leads the way’ is KATHREIN’s company philosophy and its key to success. Customer satisfaction is one of the governing principles within KATHREIN and we are pleased to help you with all your upcoming requests.