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Cellular Connectivity Solutions for the Railway Industry

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JMA Wireless is a leading global manufacturer of mobile connectivity solutions that assure infrastructure reliability, streamline service operations and maximize wireless performance.

By employing powerful, patented innovations the company’s products are proven to lower the cost of operations while ensuring lifetime quality levels in equipment and unrivalled performance for coverage and high-speed mobile data.

Effective mobile communication for all environments

The JMA Wireless portfolio includes unique cutting-edge connectors and components, radio frequency (RF) repeaters, small cell solutions and active distributed antenna system (DAS) technology.

The JMA Wireless in-train repeater system is installed on the Copenhagen Metro, a driverless light rail system serving 22 stations.
JMA Wireless products extend wireless coverage into the Milan Metro station, the second largest rail station in Italy.
The Singapore Metro relies on the JMA Wireless in-train solution to support the wireless connectivity needs of its 650 million passengers.

With over a century of experience and more than 400 patents, JMA Wireless enhances and protects the integrity of wireless signals in all types of environments, including trains, rail stations, tunnels, sporting complexes, corporate campuses and many other types of locations.

Wireless connection services for the rail industry

Ensuring cellular connectivity for passengers and train workers raises many challenges for operators of railways and for the manufacturers of railcars. Trains travel through a variety of terrains, including tunnels, metro areas and underground stations. All of these environments can impede wireless signals, so passenger cars need technologies that not only provide coverage in any location, but also are conservative on power and space, highly reliable under thousands of hours of operation and resilient to vibration.

As commuters move into stations they expect their connections to be maintained for phone calls and SMS messages; therefore, both in-carriage and in-station solutions are necessary. Fortunately, JMA Wireless offers innovations for these environments. Manufacturers of both passenger rail carriages and rail operators can apply JMA Wireless’ options to create a cost-effective solution for commuters.

In-train and in-carriage mobile connectivity solutions

JMA Wireless provides a mobile connectivity solution for railway stations and rail carriages. Its in-train repeater system has been specifically engineered to meet the growing high-speed mobile connectivity needs of the railway environment. The compact solution consists of in-train repeaters, donor antennas and JMA’s TRU-Omni™ directional antennas.

In-train repeaters

The JMA Wireless in-train repeater system offers many benefits to its customers. Starting with the installation process, the compact, non-intrusive repeaters are simply plug-and-play, so no tuning or configuration is necessary.

These in-train repeaters support JMA Wireless’ patented near-far technology, which has been proven to preserve and enhance wireless connectivity performance by using a lower power antenna system that delivers similar power levels to the user, regardless of the location of the base transceiver station (BTS).

In addition, due to the passive cooling feature, the solution has the highest mean time between failures (MTBF) in the rail industry.

The JMA Wireless system also supports ‘green initiatives’. A single in-train repeater solution supports a multi-operator configuration.Due to its passive cooling capability, the system does not require any fans, which enables it to consume less than half the power of similar solutions.

The JMA Wireless in-train repeaters reduce a train’s carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

Donor antennas

The in-train repeaters connect to the donor antennas, which are installed on the outside of the train cars. These durable antennas provide cost-effective, enhanced wireless connectivity to deliver high-speed LTE coverage.

Low-profile directional antennas

Two passive inter modulation (PIM)-optimized TRU-Omni directional antennas, with an optional multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) function, are mounted inside on the ceiling of each train car to extend high-speed wireless coverage for passengers.

These aesthetically appealing, low-profile antennas eliminate the problem of unsightly and radiating cables. They also help to deter crime as they can be disguised easily as security cameras.

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