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Train Collision Avoidance and Track Personnel Protection Systems

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Train collision avoidance unit

Intelligence on Wheels (IoW) provides innovative railway safety systems and services, including on-board train collision avoidance systems, personal track worker protection systems and related solutions such as the generation of electronic maps.

On-board collision avoidance systems for rail vehicles

IoW’s primary product series is a train collision avoidance system solely relying on on-board components, so it is independent of the railway infrastructure.

The 19in version of the on-board unit is permanently fixed in a 19in train rack installation, which is available in most modern rail vehicles. It contains processing, communication, localisation and power modules.

Intelligence on Wheels (IoW) supplies a range of rail safety solutions such as train collision avoidance and track worker protection systems.
A combination of three core systems, IoW’s collision warning system solely operates using the rail vehicle’s on-board technology.
Portable units are available to temporarily equip trains with intelligence systems.
IoW’s personnel protection system warns track workers of possible train collisions.
The company’s collision avoidance system won the European Rail Award for Excellence in Safety and Security.
The system was tried and tested on the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen rail network in Germany.

A portable on-board unit may be installed temporarily to protect guest vehicles such as locomotives or even single wagons.

Cost-efficient safety overlay systems for trains

IoW’s collision avoidance system is designed as a so-called ‘safety overlay system’, meaning that existing railway safety systems along the track or installed in the vehicles can still be used.

The company aims to equip every train with additional technical train protection, enhancing on-board rail technology and safety standards.

IoW’s systems can be permanently or temporarily installed on any rail vehicle, including construction and maintenance vehicles. The solution is a cost-efficient addition to selectively strenghten other safety systems.

Train-to-train communication technology

IoW’s system relies on the train’s on-board technology and does not require additional equipment in the rail infrastructure, so installation is possible without additional changes or costs.

A combination of direct train-to-train communication system, an accurate localisation system and a cooperative situation analysis and decision support system IoW’s system relies on on-board technology and does not require additional equipment in the rail infrastructure.

Portable train collision avoidance units for temporary integration

Rail vehicles that are not permanently equipped with the train collision avoidance system can be fitted with a portable train unit to integrate these vehicles into the safety system.

Vehicles are incorporated into the hazard analysis, so temporary and permanently equipped vehicles get collision warnings in dangerous situations, as well as appear as obstacles for other equipped trains.

Track worker protection systems

To improve safety in railway construction and maintaining, a version of IoW’s product can be used to protect track workers from being hit by approaching trains through a personal device such as a mobile phone.

Industry-proven safety systems for rail collision prevention

IoW’s train collision avoidance system has received several industry awards, including the European Rail Award for Excellence in Safety and Security in November 2013.

A pilot project on Germany’s Harzer Schmalspurbahnen network demonstrated the system’s stability and availability, even under extreme climatic, orographic, obstructive conditions.

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