Indra is a global company of technology, innovation, and talent, leader in high-value solutions and services for the transport and traffic industry.

Indra operates in over 100 countries and has 30,000 employees worldwide who share their knowledge of different sectors and countries to find innovative solutions to the challenges that clients face. Indra is one of the European companies to invest most in R&D in its sector.

Real-time control and management systems for railways

Indra offers solutions for the complete management of land and railway transportation. From real-time control systems of buses, trams, subways or railways, through automatic means of payment at travellers’ terminals, stations or stops. Indra also provides management, control and exploitation systems for railways, subways, trams, buses or fleet operators, as well as communications network implementation for transportation infrastructures.

Travel ticket vending and access control systems

Indra designs, develops, manufactures, installs, puts into operation and maintains integral travel ticket vending systems and access control systems that stand out thanks to their reliability, robustness, agility and flexibility features.
Indra’s ticketing offering is versatile and can be adjusted to any market within the automatic ticket vending area, both at transport level and public premises access level.

Indra provides real-time control systems for the rail industry.
Indra offers versatile ticketing systems that can be adjusted to any market within the automatic ticket vending area.
Indra’s Davinci high-speed control system is currently the technological platform chosen by ADIF for managing all high-speed lines, and is already being used on the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed rail line.

The travel ticket vending and access control systems are mainly composed of:

  • Diverse kinds of validators
  • Driver console
  • Automatic machines
  • On-board automatic machines
  • Electronic payment automatic machines
  • Manual point-of-sale
  • Access control
  • Control centre
  • Station concentrator
  • Portable terminals for inspection
  • Operations assistance and passenger information systems

The SAE/IV system provides tools that make it possible to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the transportation network in order to improve the social service offered to citizens and optimise the metropolitan transport network scheduling.

The SAE/IV system improves the entire management of passenger transport. It provides automatic centralisation of operations information with the corresponding creation of statistical reports. It shows availability of status information in real time and the localisation of all vehicles through a graphical interface and on digital cartography of the area of operation.

The system also makes it possible to increase the quality of the service offered to passengers, improving the regularity of the lines in terms of arrival times at the stops and vehicle occupancy, and providing passengers with information about the service in real time.

The SAE/IV is made up of:

  • On board devices (central processing unit and driver console)
  • Information devices (signage inside and outside the vehicle and an on-board loudspeaker system)
  • Management and control centre

High-speed control system

Davinci is an integral railroad technological platform that supports and manages the whole railroad operative life cycle.

The competitive advantages of the system are based on a system open to integration that offers one of the best technologies worldwide designed for railroad operations, where all the functionalities needed to cover the operators’ demands are included.

The mixed management of high-speed rail lines is a complex issue where many different subsystems are needed for system control. Railroad traffic management requires operator consoles designed for each technology (signalling, ETCS and energy). With this way of working, each operator has the information related to a specific part of the operation only.

It is currently the technological platform chosen by ADIF for managing all high-speed lines, and it is already in operation at Madrid-Barcelona high-speed rail line and is being implemented for Madrid-Valladolid and Córdoba-Málaga high-speed rail lines. The current version includes:

  • More than four million JAVA code lines
  • More than a million man-hours invested
  • Total coverage of all the processes that railroad management entails
  • Indra has developed an integrated system for driving and traffic training based on an ideal simulation environment for testing the new functionalities in real conditions. The environment is composed of a combination of diverse types of simulators depending on the railroad personnel to whom it is addressed, providing an integrated and coordinated training for:
  • Railway drivers
  • Traffic agents at stations and setpoints
  • Agents at the centralised traffic control position (CTC)
  • Security, facilities and communications control
  • Indra offers security and communication systems including:
  • Spanish railway signalling system (ASFA)
  • Digital CCTV IP system
  • Electric power consumption management and billing system
  • Telecommunication networks for land and railway transportation