HongKong Koon Technology (KNTECH) is a leading company that specialises in the research, production and sales of industrial communication emergency telephone systems for the railway industry.

KNTECH provides emergency and basic communication solutions for a range of scenarios, implementing full transmission of data, audio and video. The company’s systems are designed to improve internal communication within the railway industry, in addition to reducing costs and managing telephones effectively.

Emergency telephone systems for the railway industry

Our self-developed emergency telephone system (ETS) can be used for a number of railway systems, including emergency help points, emergency intercoms, and internet protocol private branch exchange (IP PBX) telephones.

Our network management system (NMS) is designed to help passengers and staff in emergencies. Computers using a Windows operating system on the same local area network can access the NMS IP address to manage and monitor an entire telephone system.

KNTECH offers a range of emergency help point systems for the railway industry.
The emergency telephone for railways effectively connects the vehicle with a number of stations, the motor room and network headquarters.
Some of our metro communications system customers include Mumbai Metro, LRT Indonesia, and Network Rail.
Our largest customer market is in Asia, which comprises 45% of our market share.

As an independent system, operators can control and monitor the terminals, systems and servers through a single console. There is also one server for the NMS with a multimedia storage device used to save voice recordings. It features one operator console with a touchscreen, in addition to telephones for the tunnel, wayside and operator’s office.

Emergency telephone and intercom solutions

KNTECH emergency telephones are manufactured according to industrial standards with an IP66 ingress protection rating, so they can withstand high-strength water jets. They are widely used in subway, railway and other industrial applications.

Products are only delivered to customers after they have passed impact, salt spray and temperature tests.

Communications systems for railways

KNTECH has been involved in a number of projects worldwide to further develop on its expertise. One example includes the provision of waterproof industrial telephones and passenger assistance intercoms to metro lines across Thailand.

The company supplies access control session initiation protocol (SIP) intercom systems designed for subways and robust explosion-proof telephones for railway tunnels.

In addition to railway and metro projects, we can support customers within other industries to provide outdoor helplines, roadside emergency call, and elevator telephones.


KNTECH has more than 20 years of experience in communications infrastructure and has over 200 patents with products being used worldwide.

We are leading experts in emergency industrial communications with an experienced research and development team. Our products hold around 300 international standard certifications. Our 20,000m² factory can test more than 10,000 units a day.

We can also take on large projects and provide emergency telephone systems for companies with high technological and quality requirements.

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