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Wireless and Fibre-Optic Communication Systems

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GE Digital Energy provides industrial strength communication solutions for rail applications through its MDS wireless and Lentronics fibre-optic multiplexer product lines. The products enable positive train control, code line replacement and communications for locomotives, waysides, base stations, and backhaul, as well as rail and complex intermodal yard automation, including:

  • Remote control locomotives
  • Hydraulic switching
  • Condition monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Allocation
  • Flow reports
  • LAN extension

The solutions offer real-time information so engineers and operators can move locomotives quickly and efficiently to reduce derailments and collisions.

Wireless communication systems for RCLs

GE MDS develops interoperable, standards-based communications for remote control locomotives (RCLs) in rail yards. It has a strong portfolio of solutions that automate operations in the yard and down the line. It provides long-range backhaul communications and helps increase efficiency and safety for rail operators, passengers and cargo.

GE MDS wireless devices are long-range, secure and rugged to survive extreme conditions, delivering the lowest possible cost of ownership, and extended warranties for peace of mind.

MDS iNET-II balances the needs of speed and range, making it an ideal solution for rail and intermodal yard automation, workforce automation, code line replacement and bridge crossing applications.
The MDS Intrepid wireless backhaul solution provides reliable, high-speed and long-range communications that send wayside device data, and train and track information to a central location.
The JungleMUX T1 fibre-optic multiplexer provides robust communications for subway and commuter lines, enabling video surveillance, fare collection, passenger information systems, train control, and emergency voice applications.
MultiLink industrial Ethernet switches interconnect the network devices in yards and along the tracks. The Ethernet switches provide secure, fast and reliable communications for all of the critical infrastructure devices.

MDS wireless solutions address a variety of needs and applications in the rail industry. Key wireless rail applications include:

  • Positive train control
  • Code line replacement
  • Communications for locomotives
  • Waysides and base stations
  • LAN extension
  • Backhaul communications
  • Remote control locomotives
  • Hydraulic switching
  • Condition monitoring and asset tracking
  • Allocation and flow reports

Fibre-optic multiplexers and Ethernet switches

GE’s high speed and reliable line of Lentronics fibre-optic multiplexers are ideal solutions for commuter and subway applications. GE Lentronics is a leading supplier of hardened multi-service telecommunications platforms for secure application performance over optical cable and other media. GE’s fibre-optic multiplexers provide robust solutions for video surveillance, fare collection, passenger information systems, train control, and emergency voice applications.

The MultiLink family includes unmanaged and managed Ethernet switches, which provide secure communications for critical infrastructure devices and ensure the communications network is always available, fast and secure.

Wireless asset monitoring for railways

Secure wireless asset monitoring from GE MDS allows rail operators to monitor, control and automate yards and devices along the track. The products support remote control locomotives, automatic hydraulic switching, condition monitoring and workforce automation, as well as locomotive, wayside and base station communications and code line replacement.

The MDS RCL220 radio is used by rail companies for remote control locomotive applications. The repeater radio is interoperable, allowing RCL systems from multiple vendors to operate in the same yard.

GE MDS radios are ideal for a number of train control methods, including mandated positive train control (PTC). This requirement is addressed with the MDS TD220 radio, a robust and industrially hardened wireless train control device, which offers secure network access to multiple users simultaneously.

Wireless LAN extension solutions for railways

GE MDS wireless LAN extension solutions provide high speed, long range connectivity for mobile workforce automation, rail and intermodal yard automation and video surveillance applications. The MDS Mercury Series is a secure, industrial-grade communications platform for mission-critical railway applications. It supports Ethernet, serial and Wi-Fi communications, offering extended range and high throughputs of up to 30Mbps.

The MDS iNET Series is an industrial wireless solution that provides long distance, unlicensed communications allowing users to interface with Ethernet and serial controllers. The iNET 900, iNET-II and iNET Series offer the best balance of speed and range for applications requiring higher data capacities than typical communication systems can provide.

Wireless backhaul

GE MDS offers wireless backhaul for communications over long distances or in areas with no access to fibre. The solutions create a long-range, high-speed network for voice, video and data aggregation.

The MDS Intrepid maximizes capacity and reliability by providing reduced interference, quality of service and simple deployment options in licensed and unlicensed microwave frequencies. It operates in 2.3GHz-2.4GHz and 4.8GHz-6GHz bands.

Fibre-optic multiplexers

GE offers a robust line of fibre-optic multiplexers for critical communications in subways and commuter lines. The Lentronics line of rugged multiplexers offer T1, SONET and SDH standards-based solutions for short and long range applications over fibre-optic and other media.

The Lentronics JungleMUX, available using SONET or T1 technology provides voice, data, telemetry, Ethernet and teleprotection transport services over a robust optical cable. The Lentronics TN1U and TN1Ue multiplexers deliver telecommunications applications using the SDH standard. Network management is facilitated using VistaNET, a complete suite of software tools to manage the Lentronics multiplexer family.

Ethernet switches and converters

MultiLink industrial Ethernet switches interconnect all the network devices that exist in yards and along the tracks. MultiLink products are designed and tested to industrial specifications and built with intelligent recovery options to retain network integrity after any type of disruption.

Older equipment with serial interfaces may need to be integrated into the network. MultiNet serial servers and converters allow you to bring the centralized accessibility and control of Ethernet networks beyond traditional boundaries by connecting serial devices to the network.


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