Frauscher Sensor Technology makes it simpler for system integrators and railway operators to get the information they need to run, monitor and protect their operational network. Frauscher offers best-in-class wheel detection systems and axle counters.

Frauscher experts are on-site in global markets to ensure comprehensive support during the whole customer lifecycle. Additionally, customers are able to design, configure, install, adapt and maintain all components and systems by themselves due to individual training and support.

Frauscher’s product portfolio includes solutions for:

  • Wheel Sensors: RSR180, RSR123, RSR110
  • Axle Counters: FAdC®, FAdCi®, ACS2000, SENSiS
  • Software interfaces: Standards, Customer-specific, Frauscher standard FS
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics: Frauscher Diagnostics System FDS

Wheel Sensors

Due to long years of worldwide experience, we are able to develop wheel sensors that are characterised by maximum availability for both vital and non-vital applications. Frauscher wheel sensors generate reliable data and withstand even extreme temperatures, vibrations and electromagnetic interference.

Frauscher’s main campus in Austria is one of ten company sites worldwide.
The Frauscher Innovation Centre enables research and development on a highest international level.
Our modern production facilities have capacities to produce 30,000 sensors a year.
We provide applications on high-speed lines, mass transit as well as in shunting areas.
Wheel detection in the rough environments.

More information about Wheel Detection

Axle Counters

Axle counting systems with inductive wheel sensors have established themselves with many railway operators worldwide as reliable and cost-effective track vacancy detection systems. The varying basic conditions and requirements among different operators call for flexible and individual adaptation possibilities when it comes to modern axle counting systems. For this reason, all Frauscher axle counting systems have been structured in such a way that they are modular and scalable. With its axle counter portfolio, Frauscher offers its customers around the globe optimal solutions for each of their functional, operational and infrastructural requirements.

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Innovative tools offer additional support during installation and operation. For example, Frauscher offers individually adaptable, future-proof diagnostic solutions that exploit the potential of increasing digitalisation in the railway industry. Databases and diagnostic systems, which can run both on-premises and in a cloud, enable intelligent monitoring of entire railway networks. They thus support the efficient planning and implementation of preventive maintenance measures.

Quality and services for all requirements

Frauscher has installed more than 200,000 wheel sensors in over 100 countries worldwide. The company and its products are accredited to IRIS (ISO/TS 22163) Rev. 3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Frauscher axle counters fully comply with CENELEC and SIL 4 safety standards and offer the highest level of performance and reliability.

With 500 employees, locations, offices and sales partners on all continents in more than 30 nations, Frauscher is able to offer both technical and economical solutions according to local requirements.

Frauscher provides solutions for all of the relevant railway markets:

  • Main lines
  • Urban & Mass transit
  • Industrial & Mining

Frauscher’s customer base includes some of the largest and most well-known railway systems around the world.

As an example, all major European railroads use Frauscher axle counters in signalling applications including DB, SNCF, Network Rail (UK), OBB, SSB, as well as some of the most advanced metro and transit networks.

Global signalling companies such as Alstom, Bombardier, CRSC, Hitachi and Siemens trust the reliability, precision, versatility and advanced technology of the company’s products.

Frauscher Fact Box

  • More than 30 years of successful sensor development.
  • Pioneer for Wheel Sensors and Axle counters
  • 500+ Employees worldwide
  • Installed base of more than 200,000 wheel sensors in more than 100 countries
  • 35,000 annual production capacity (sensors)