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Rail Signal Bonds, Track Tools, Cable Clips and Rail Protection Devices

52 Milford Road,
RG1 8LJ Berkshire,
United Kingdom

52 Milford Road,
RG1 8LJ Berkshire,
United Kingdom

ERICO is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of precision-engineered specialty metal products serving global niche product markets in a diverse range of electrical, commercial and industrial construction, utility and rail applications.

ERICO’s rail product line is the company’s original business dating back to 1903. The company was formed as the Electric Railway Improvement Company to supply power bonds, signal bonds and related welding equipment to railroads, mining and street railway industries. Today ERICO’s rail product line supplies a range of railway infrastructure components to rail systems worldwide:

  • ERICO® rail bonds:
    – CADWELD® exothermic welded rail bonds
    – ERICONTACT® mechanical rail contact system
    – Plug bonds for joint bonding, track circuit connections and special trackwork bonding
  • Track tools – rail grinders and rail drilling machines
  • CADDY® rail cable clips
  • Rail tie / sleeper cable clips
  • CRITEC® surge protection devices
  • ERITECH® lightning protection and grounding

ERICO is headquartered in Solon, Ohio, USA, with a network of sales locations serving more than 25 countries and with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide.


The CADWELD® process provides an efficient field method for any electrical connection, from signal and power to grounding. CADWELD bonds offer maximum protection against physical damage – a superior shear strength compared to other bonds, maximum corrosion resistance and an unchanging electrical resistance. ERICO provides both rail head and rail web signal bonds. Power and grounding bonds are provided for rail web applications.

The ERICONTACT® mechanical rail contact system is approved by a number of European rail systems where a drilled hole technology is preferred. The SK and DSK series of rail contacts provide a high-quality connection to the rail web with a very low contact resistance. The rail contacts are used for signalling, earthing and traction current return applications. A range of hydraulic insertion tools, types ASKE and HSKE, complement the product offering.

ERICO® continues to manufacture a range of plug bonds, compression sleeves and bond strand to provide bespoke rail bonding solutions.


Originally developed as tools for the preparation of rail for bond applications, ERICO has developed its range of tools to be suitable for many rail infrastructure applications.

Lightweight and easily transportable rail drilling machines are available in 2-stroke, 4-stroke petrol powered and 230V battery-powered electric variants. A full range of rail profile templates, rapid clamping devices and drills complete the range.

Portable rail grinders range from the SBG100 battery powered grinder for light applications, to the SBG150 2-stroke machine and SBG200 4-stroke machine for heavier applications. The SBG200’s unique design offers unparalleled accessibility within special trackwork and thus is ideally suitable for rail grinding and deburring operations.


A wide range of cable clips can be provided for the effective management of cabling within the track bed.

Rail cable clips can be supplied as CADDY® style ‘hammer on’ or in spring steel ‘wraparound’ the rail foot.

Tie and sleeper clips are available to clamp around the tie / sleeper cross-section. A brand new product is a range of clips and special adhesive that allows a cable retaining clip to be glued permanently to a concrete tie or sleeper, thus allowing cables to safely cross the track bed without using expensive hollow bearers or pipes.


Developed from ERICO’s range of surge protection components for utility applications, the CRITEC® rail range is suitable for the protection of telecommunications and signalling circuits.


ERICO has furthermore developed a range of lightning protection and grounding products that can be applied to rail signalling, telecommunications and control applications. The company’s System 3000 Dynasphere is an advanced lightning protection system that offers unrivalled performance and is proven in the field.


52 Milford Road




United Kingdom