Commercial, Industrial and Military Antennas

Denke Laboratories provides new design, prototype and manufacturing services for a widely diversified range of radio frequency antenna applications. Serving LMR, public safety, commercial wireless and military markets we currently catalogue nearly 300 different antenna models covering HF, VHF, UHF, cellular, GPS (Including GLONASS), 3G, 4G, LTE and many other bands. For the railway market we provide antennas for wireless applications such as trackside, locomotive, EOT, positive train control (PTC), global positioning and RFID.

Base station trackside antennas

Denke Labs is currently producing 49 MHz and 220MHz omni-directional antennas for trackside installations. These dipole and collinear antennas are also available with phasing mounts and harnesses for maximum bi-directional radiation patterns. Other fixed station antennas that Denke Labs manufactures include monopole, dipole, yagi uda, log periodic, corner reflector, sector, collinear and panel. We have antennas for horizontal, vertical, circular and dual polarization.

Locomotive and end-of-train antennas

At the present time Denke Labs produces two models of end-of-train (EOT) antennas covering VHF and UHF frequencies, as well as a 220MHz low profile antenna used in PTC applications. Our HDTM Transit Master Series Antennas offers the customer frequency options ranging from 150MHz to 6GHz in a wide range of bands, using single input or multi-input configurations. Additionally we design and manufacture special MIMO packages for our customers, integrating VHF/UHF, cellular, GPS, LTE, 3G and 4G as compatible arrangements to minimize co-site interference.

Dual-mount bi-directional antennas.
Omni-directional antenna.
MIMO vehicle antenna.
Single-mount dual antenna.
Broadband directional antenna.
Dual-input adjustable sector antennas.
Bi-cone omni-directional.

Service vehicle antennas

Denke Labs manufactures a comprehensive line of commercial mobile antennas including HF, VHF, UHF, cellular, GPS, 3G, 4G and LTE. The HDFC Fleet Commander Series and the HDTM Transit Master Series are both ideal solutions for multi-use / multi-frequency antenna requirements. We are continually designing new products for very demanding applications in a wide variety of radomes and configurations. We also provide a complete range of antenna mounts, including NMO mounts, magnetic mounts, through-hole mounts, trunk-lip mounts and other special design mounts.

Portable and hand-held antennas

For decades, Denke Labs has been designing special antennas for portable and hand-held devices. Whether for radio communications, remote sensing, data acquisition and transmission, remote control and telemetry, we have the experience to provide solutions for the most difficult challenges.

Worldwide antenna source

Whether for HF, VHF, UHF, cellular, GPS, GlONASS, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, LTE, MIMO or GSM, we have covered all the frequencies with a large variety of antennas. Our history begins with providing rugged antennas to the US Military Forces, and Mil-Std-810 has been the foundation for all new product designs, including our commercial products. We manufacture all our products in the US in our own facilities to ensure our customers receive the best in performance, reliability and durability.