Crown UK, a subsidiary company of Avingtrans plc is a world-class supplier of advanced signal housing for rail track installation. Housing design and manufacture is developed in conjunction with the leading rail signalling and control providers for many of the major track developments taking place within the UK and worldwide.

Crown rail track signal housing concepts have been adopted within the UK west coast track upgrade projects since 2003. Further Crown gantry signal housing is scheduled for installation within the present and future upgrade programme to this line being undertaken by Network Rail and its supplier organisations.


Crown UK has pioneered both gantry signal housing and cess post signal housing to meet the installation requirements of many different railway operations, specifically, advancing performance in operation and safety through design engineering and manufacturing technology.

In addition, design features of the latest Crown rail signal housing has provided positive opportunities and benefits for constructors and installers of gantry and trackside signalling.

We supply advanced signal housing for railways.
The Crown gantry post provides robust support for signal head equipment.
Our cess posts enable safe access to the signal head equipment for maintenance purposes.


The success of the CrownPole® developed for roadside safety camera installations first led rail authorities to recognise the opportunity to adopt many of the design and engineering concepts incorporated within these high-profile road traffic control products.

With reliability, security, and ease of maintenance, a pre-requisite to design of roadside safety camera housing, Crown UK developed the Crown Pole™ specified by more authorities and government agencies worldwide than any other roadside safety camera pole. Now, with the launch of CrownSmartPole® advanced styling has combined with inherent engineering features and proven operational efficiencies.


The Crown gantry mounted counter-balanced signal support post is installed in a vertical position on a gantry. The post mounting brackets have a number of location points allowing the post height to be adjusted vertically to achieve the ground to signal head clearance required for signal sighting.

The Crown gantry post provides robust support for various combinations of signal head equipment. The function of the post is to provide improved safe access to the signal head equipment for maintenance purposes.

The post is relatively maintenance-free and incorporates a number of duplicated safety features to safeguard personnel and equipment when carrying out maintenance activities. The post is designed to comply with British standards, BD51/98 portal and cantilever sign and signal structures, and relevant railway group and company standards.


Crown cess posts are permanently installed at trackside on a concrete or pile foundation. They are available in heights to suit the specific location and signal requirements. The Crown cess post is positioned to attain equal distance between the centre-line of the signal head and track and the centre-line of the post and track.

Like the gantry post, our cess posts are also robust and provide safe access to the signal head equipment and comply with all applicable safety standards.


Specifically designed to enable safer, easier maintenance in hazardous rail track environments, Crown cess posts and gantry signal housing are meeting the requirements of international rail bodies. On the UK’s Network Rail west coast main line, 200 Crown gantry signal housings have been installed, with a further 120 scheduled for the upgrade programme.