MEDC are designers and manufacturers of alarm, signal, control and communications equipment for railways since 1975. They have developed a range of products specifically designed for use in areas where harsh environmental conditions prevail, such as railways, and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres.

MEDC have pioneered the use of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) in explosion-proof products. The advantages of GRP products are a lower capital cost combined with minimal maintenance and extended lifetime thus lowering the cost of ownership.

Explosion-proof products for railways include:

  • Manual call points
  • Status lamps
  • Beacons and strobes
  • Sounders and horns
  • Alarm bells
  • Speakers
  • Control units, stations and panels
  • Junction and terminal boxes
  • Distribution panels and boards.

Products are available in a range of certifications including ATEX, UL, CSA and GOST. A wide variety of these products are held in stock for despatch within 24 hours of ordering.

Our products are specially designed for harsh railway environments.
Our manual alarm call points are explosion-proof and flameproof.
The sounder horn is vital for potentially hazardous railway situations.
Our speakers are waterproof.
MEDC’s Next Two range of speakers are suitable for areas which do not require certification.


These products are available in breakglass and pushbutton versions. These explosion-proof call points are available as intrinsically safe and flameproof versions. Many call point options are available for different railway systems, including a variety of body colours, lift flaps and resistors.


These versatile status lights are available with LED, xenon, filament and fluorescent lights. Explosion-proof and uncertified versions are available to protect them from unpredictable railway problems.


These certified beacons are suitable for use where light weight combined with corrosion resistance and strength is required. Beacons are available in LED, xenon, rotating, beacon and sounder combination and steady beacon versions.


The MEDC offers a range of lightweight, flameproof sounders have been designed for the most demanding railway environments. Outputs of 103dB to 118dB at 1m are available. A new voice sounder has recently been launched which offers up to 20 seconds of speech which can be recorded via an integral microphone or an input from an external source. The unit incorporates a variable delay, allowing speech to be repeated at equal intervals of up to approximately 15 seconds.


This explosion-proof bell is manufactured from cast iron and is available in directing current and alternating current versions. To meet each individual needs we can paint the bell to your specification.


MEDC offer explosion-proof loudspeakers for use in potentially explosive railway atmospheres which use GRP technology to offer a cost effective, robust and corrosion-free solution to metal loudspeakers. With power ratings up to 25W this range is suitable for PA and VA applications.

In addition, MEDC offer the Next Two range of loudspeakers for use in industrial, commercial and leisure applications and are suitable for areas which do not require certification.


This range of custom-built control and distribution units can be used individually or combined to provide hazardous area systems for indoor or outdoor railway use. MEDC have a wide experience of providing complete control and distribution systems for use in potentially explosive railway atmospheres.


These railway control stations are suitable for use in all gas groups including hydrogen. These rugged enclosures are manufactured from UV stable, glass reinforced polyester. Cover-fixing screws are stainless-steel, thus ensuring a corrosion-free product.


These GRP railway junction boxes have a robust design coupled with corrosion-free GRP and a high ingress-protection rating, thus ensuring a long life, low maintenance product.


This comprehensive range of GRP terminal boxes offers a variety of enclosure sizes, terminals and cable entries for any railway system.