Rail terminal security, safety and communications are made easy with Bosch Security Systems’ wide range of products and solutions. The company’s extensive portfolio includes multi-criteria fire alarm systems, intrusion alarm systems with advanced anti-masking functionality, state-of-the-art CCTV systems with intelligent video analytics, as well as public address and voice alarm systems.

Voice alarm systems for railways

In voice alarm systems, in particular, Bosch is the global supplier of choice with a tradition of quality and innovation going back many years. The company’s solutions are renowned for their audio clarity, versatility and reliability, and are backed up by the highest standards of service and support.

In addition, both of Bosch’s voice alarm systems, the mid-end Plena Voice Alarm System and the high-end fully digital Praesideo Emergency Sound System have now been granted EN 54 certification by independent accredited laboratories. Certification includes not only the central voice alarm equipment but also peripheral equipment such as charging equipment and a broad range of loudspeakers.

Moreover, the Praesideo is fully compliant with railway-specific EMC standard EN50121-4, specifying limits for emission and immunity, and providing performance criteria for telecommunication apparatus that may interfere with other apparatus in the railway environment. 

All Bosch Voice Alarm Systems have been granted the new EN 54 certification for EVAC equipment by independent accredited laboratories.
Bosch's new range of active line arrays combine unmatched sound quality with an evenly distributed sound pattern to assure clarity in noisy railway stations.

Public address and voice alarm systems for rail terminals

In recent years the transportation industry has become increasingly vulnerable to security risks. One of the greatest challenges is the protection of train stations, where the rail industry faces a crucial need to guard passengers, employees, goods, infrastructure and assets against possible threats. When emergencies do arise, for example a bomb scare or fire, voice alarm systems play a crucial role in guaranteeing a fast and safe evacuation.

With more than 60 years experience in designing and developing communication products, Bosch has established unrivalled leadership in the field of public address and voice alarm systems. The company has provided systems and components for major rail links around the world, including Ladozhsky Rail Terminal, St. Petersburg, Eurobahnhof Saarbrucken and Stockholm Central Station.

Voice alarm system for small and local rail links

For small, local rail links, the Plena Voice Alarm System offers best-in-class performance, providing an integrated combined voice evacuation and public address solution, with clear user interfaces and straightforward configuration. Besides being certified to the latest safety and security standards, Plena Voice Alarm products also support the market trend towards integration of voice alarm into fire alarm systems via a unique direct connection with the Bosch Fire Alarm Panels.

Emergency sound system for international rail transportation hubs

For more demanding applications, for example, international rail transportation hubs, the Praesideo Emergency Sound System provides virtually limitless multi-zone and networking possibilities and the superior sound quality that only digital audio processing can guarantee. Automatic volume control, which is integrated into the Praesideo System, ensures that messages are always loud enough to be heard even with trains entering the station but not so loud that they disturb surrounding city inhabitants during quiet periods.

The Praesideo’s digital architecture also brings programming power and scalability. Unlike traditional public address systems, the system can be networked using fibre optic cabling to assure high reliability, redundancy and freedom from interference. In addition, the system’s open interface enables further connection to building management systems or information systems.

Public address loudspeakers

Excellent sound reproduction and distribution is also a prime requirement of all public address and EVAC systems. To guarantee this, Bosch has a broad portfolio of public address loudspeakers. The new range of active line arrays combine unmatched sound quality with an evenly distributed sound pattern in the often difficult and noisy acoustical environments of railway stations, where trains arrive and depart regularly.