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Network Public Address and Voice Evacuation for Railways

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Chances are, no matter where you are in the world, you have heard Biamp Systems’ products. With hundreds of thousands of professional audio systems installed in more than 100 countries, we do far more than make sound intelligible.

Our systems make human voices and other sounds resonate clearly and naturally by removing echo, unwanted noise and unpleasant frequencies in airports and railway terminals.

The types of organizations that rely on Biamp Systems to deliver, manage and enhance their mission-critical sound include the most prominent corporate headquarters, the most prestigious universities, the most modern Olympic stadiums and even 500-year-old cathedrals.

Continuous innovation has made Biamp the industry leader in professionally installed networked audio systems. Since 1976, our focus has been to make audio more reliable, flexible and easier to control, regardless of the size and configuration of the installation.

Vocia by Biamp is the perfect solution for any size public address and voice evacuation application, whether it is for a single line or an entire transportation hub.
Vocia is both EN 54-16 product certified and EN 60849/AS 60849 system verified and are examples of Biamp’s continuing commitment to developing audio systems that deliver success, whether used for public address or voice evacuation.
Tesira is a family of products that changes the scale of possibilities for the way AV systems are designed, installed, networked and experienced. The first truly scalable media system for digital audio networking using Audio Video Bridging (AVB), Tesira delivers smarter system modularity, breakthrough performance and boundless expansion portals.

Networked public address and voice evacuation systems

Vocia is ideal for small to large-scale public address and life safety systems. Whether it’s existing stops, new stations or even future lines, Vocia brings them all together and gives you control over your entire transit system with one easy-to-use set of software tools.

You gain diagnostic system information and the ability to make changes from any workstation, both onsite or remotely. The network-based architecture uses industry standard protocols and integrates with most older, analog systems, without costly rewiring. With that kind of power and efficiency, it is no surprise transit centers everywhere are moving towards Vocia.

Vocia offers a level of reliability that’s simply unprecedented. Its decentralized, networked-based architecture means there’s no single point of system failure, and redundancies and diagnostics are built-in to ensure the system operates flawlessly. No wonder Vocia meets or exceeds the world’s most stringent standards for voice evacuation systems (EN 54-16).

Vocia’s powerful software provides compatibility with third-party systems for ease of use and exceptional networked scalability. Since Vocia is an Ethernet-based system, there is no need for special cabling or "home-run" wiring. Endpoints can be installed anywhere on the system, creating a self-healing, self-monitoring web of smart devices. The result is a substantially lower total cost of ownership, plus reduced installation time and effort.

Software that puts you in control

The centerpiece of Vocia’s software is a powerful dashboard that allows quick and easy access to diagnostics, system health information, status, usage, audio levels, and more. System alerts are displayed on the dashboard and can be automatically emailed, so you are never out of touch. Plus, the entire interface and navigation is based on the familiar Windows platform, so it’s intuitive and easy to navigate.

Vocia also has a powerful set of configuration tools, meaning zones and worlds are created entirely with the software, logically, not physically. That means that moves and changes can be made easily, without having to relocate hardware. You can also add and configure new components in the offline mode and install new devices when you’re ready. The system will automatically recognize new hardware as it is added, saving countless man-hours and hassle.

The Biamp Systems guarantee

Biamp delivers products that are easy to install, maintain and use, and because of the high level of control we have over our manufacturing processes, we offer the first five-year warranty in the industry.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility is part of our corporate headquarters in Oregon, US. We are committed to environmental sustainability, and demonstrate our values by complying with international RoHS standards.

These are just two reasons why Biamp delivers a level of innovation, quality and reliability that cannot be matched anywhere else. Ask anyone who has worked with Biamp and they will tell you that it gave them confidence and peace of mind.

Industry expertise

Everyone at Biamp works a second job, support. We will help you at any stage of the process, whether you need advice in design, installation, logistics or even how to market your business and reach new customers. We welcome your questions.

We make great things better and partner with you through the process. Our application engineers around the world and across every time zone, so there is always an expert you can speak with at any time. We will never hand you off to a call center.

World-class customer support

We know that installing, configuring and maintaining a public address or voice evacuation system can be challenging. That is why our worldwide team of application engineers is available to help with system design, programming, trouble-shooting and more. They will walk you through a solution step-by-step, no matter where you are located.


  • Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project, Oregon

    The 7.3-mile Portland to Milwaukie light railway transit project in the US state of Oregon was undertaken by Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet), Oregon’s public transportation authority.

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