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Public Address and Voice Alarm Technology and Equipment for Railways

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ATEÏS is an international leader in public address (PA) and voice alarm (VA) technology and equipment. With headquarters in Rotterdam and offices across Europe, Singapore, the US, the Middle East and Far East, ATEÏS designs, develops and manufactures systems for installations where getting the message across to keep people informed and safe is of paramount importance.

ATEÏS’ PA / VA processors and controllers, commercial audio products, intelligent acoustics systems, loudspeakers, amplifiers and intercoms are used in a wide range of buildings around the world. From airports, railway and subway stations to internationally recognised concert halls, like Opéra Bastille, Paris and the recently opened Harpa in Iceland, to world heritage sites, such as the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, ATEÏS systems have the intelligibility, flexibility, scalability and reliability to do the job all day, every day.

Railway and subway public address and voice alarm systems

The ATEÏS range of systems offers models and technologies to fit specific needs and requirements. One of the most versatile and popular products is the IDA8 PA / VA system. This is the third generation of ATEÏS’ controller and network technology and is now based on either internet protocol (IP) and/or fibre-optic connections to provide maximum reach and coverage over any distance and in all kinds of venue.

The IDA8 conforms to the main standards for PA / VA systems: EN54-16, ISO 7240-16 and BS5839/8. It comprises a controller unit containing audio digital signal processing (DSP), matrix control functions and a digital message player that can store up to four hours of digital audio.

ATEÏS digital audio and processing systems, which are controlled by the latest in PC touchscreens ensure that messages are clear and get to where they are needed at King's Cross Station, London, UK.
Marseille Metro, France, has 24 stations and each one is an independent VA system. The IP network enables paging on the underground line, feedback on faults and the system's status.

Slave units can be added to the IDA8S to extend the system. The controller is programmed and set up through a PC but this can be disconnected after configuration to allow it to run as a standalone unit. Up to 256 priority messages or functions can be set for a maximum of 256 zones on a local network.

Message paging and audio routing

For message paging and more general audio routing where multiple zones are required, the UAPG2 is an expandable DSP processor that delivers high-quality digital sound. With processing based on advanced 24-bit analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters, the UAPG2 has excellent audio performance coupled with the lowest possible delay times.

The unit combines a number of audio tools that are necessary for a comprehensive, good sounding system. These include a pre-amplifier, compressor-limiter and equaliser, as well as the matrix for routing and directing signals. The UAPG2’s features include: automatic gain control, feedback killers, automatic microphone mixers and crossovers and automatic noise sensing. It can be controlled over an IP network or from a PC by connecting through its Ethernet port.

Acoustic echo cancellation device

MAGELLAN is a well-known counter intercom device that is servicing happily at almost every counter desk at the SNCF. Acoustic feedback was the biggest problem experienced by the French SNCF. ATEÏS came with a strong solution delivering acoustic echo cancellation, based on its own developed algorithm and implemented using first-generation DSP processors. This avoided the feedback effect that was caused by the returning sound loop coming from the client’s speaker into the client’s microphone and repeated at the clerk’s side intercom console.

Intelligent speaker design for voice alarm systems

An intelligent speaker design provides a clear and comfortable speech level. MESSENGER has steerable line-arrays based on DSP technology and a patent algorithm, which has been designed to meet the industry standards for voice alarm, commercial audio and pro-sound.

The MESSENGERG2 range is completely software controlled. The variable acoustical centre can compensate for architectural requirements in airport or railway stations and can be easily adapted. Its flexible mounting height of between 1.2m and 4m above ground level ensures the array can be securely positioned.

Public address and voice alarm technology at railway stations

King’s Cross station, London, is among the best known and busiest railway terminals in the world. It is currently undergoing a £500m development that will make it an international transport hub for the 21st century.

ATEÏS has played a key role in this by supplying PA / VA equipment for the second stage of work at King’s Cross, which includes the creation of a new platform (0). ATEÏS’ digital audio and processing systems, controlled by the latest in PC touch-screens, ensure that messages, with up to 80 pre-recorded on a digital audio store, are clear, and get to where they are needed.

Leader in commercial communications

ATEÏS has the PA / VA system that will not only make your operations more efficient but will also keep your passengers safe. Please use the form below to send a business enquiry. ATEÏS can help you build an affordable, efficient PA / VA system to match your exact needs.

Metro project references

ATEÏS has many metro project references in the US and Canada, including:

  • Los Angeles, CA: Orange Line and Gold Line
  • San Jose, CA: BTA
  • Portland, OR: TRI-MET
  • Seattle, WA: Sounder Commuter Line
  • Dallas, TX: DART
  • Phoenix, AZ: Commuter Rail
  • Denver, CO: RTD
  • Baltimore, MD: MARK
  • Union Station, D.C: currently in progress
  • Montreal Metro: four stations
  • Pearson Airport, Toronto: EVAC system


  • Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project, Oregon

    The 7.3-mile Portland to Milwaukie light railway transit project in the US state of Oregon was undertaken by Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet), Oregon’s public transportation authority.

  • Denver Union Station

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  • Los Angeles LRT Expansion

    In the 1950s and early 1960s Los Angeles had an extensive network of surface tramways, but all were at the mercy of the

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