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IP Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems for Railways

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ARCHEAN Technologies is a French company based in Toulouse with lots of experience in the audio industry. ARCHEAN is a manufacturer of IP Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems and from the beginning it has brought innovation to the audio IP market. It has two international patents, one concerning de-reverberation, the other concerning the audio control on an Ethernet network. As audio becomes integrated with other low current systems, ARCHEAN Technologies proposes a simple, cost-effective and reliable solution for your LAN and / or WAN.

Network sound transport IP modules and controllers for the railway industry

ARCHEAN Technologies specialises in network sound transport and has developed its own solution to cover the needs of the mass transit sector: an IP module two IN * two OUT with a separated controller. It is a unique solution compared to competitors and offers many advantages and benefits, including:

  • Peer-to-peer mode without controller
  • Dynamic mode with controller, which is a distributed matrix on the network
  • No specific switch required
  • All routers compatible
  • Open architecture
  • Scalable: auto recognition of new hardware through the firmware
  • Adjustable sampling rate and low bandwidth consumption
  • High-quality encoding / decoding
  • Very low latency
  • Text to speech capability
  • Absolute control of what is coming in and out
  • Possibility to insert two class D 20W low impedance amplifiers
  • Possibility to insert a monitoring card for two amplifiers and two speaker lines
  • Possibility to connect two ambient noise sensors
  • Four dry contacts in and four dry contacts out
  • RS232 & 485 enabling RS tunneling channels between two or more modules

Powerful compact amplifier with less electrical consumption

Combined with a state-of-the-art new class D powerful compact amplifier, ARCHEAN offers a strong solution, with less electrical consumption, which is more compact and easy-to-use. Thanks to these characteristics, the French railway industry has eagerly accepted its solution.

ARCHEAN has installed most of the French tramways (Rouen, Nimes, Montpellier, Paris, Brest), undergrounds and train stations (RER B Paris, TGV Belfort, TGV Bordeaux).

IP module two IN * two OUT.
Typical configuration of a tramway station with IP amplifiers two zones 65W each.
Schematic installation of Indexor / Selexor which offers you the chance to speak with each speaker individually.
ARCHEAN Technologies supplies the turnkey system with DSP matrix voice alarm with class D amplifiers, microphones and speakers.
ARCHEAN Technologies catalogue.

ARCHEAN has more than 50 protocols and is able to interface the system with most of other systems, including a traffic control system, BMS, clock system and information displays.

Addressable speakers and lines

Maintaining speakers in a train station can be a headache so ARCHEAN enables you to speak with your speakers.

Mounted in parallel to each speaker, the Indexor card monitors each speaker individually and is able to measure the SPL at a given frequency to ensure that the diaphragm is not damaged. Powered by a specific power supply, the Master10 central unit can control up to ten speaker lines. The status is reported in the ATCONTR2 controller through the IP network and can be edited / exported easily.

SELEXOR has the same features as Indexor plus an on and off function. This turns your speaker into an addressable one. The card can be inside the speaker box.

An addressable speaker has many advantages and benefits, including:

  • Reduces the cost of maintenance
  • Allows monitoring when and as often as you want
  • Scalable solution to fit your budget
  • No need to change your public address system, as it is compatible with all brands and models

Turnkey system, speakers, amplifiers and microphones

ARCHEAN Technologies provides you with a tailor-made turnkey solution. It can also supply you with a full range of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, matrix, sources and standalone products.

Its exclusive deal with Baldwin & Boxall UK complements its voice alarm offering with one of the most versatile and advanced solutions compliant to EN60849, BS5839 part 8 and EN54.

ARCHEAN Technologies would be pleased to send you more information and to help you find the best technical and financial solutions for your railway projects.


ARCHEAN Technologies
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