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Automation Solutions and Safety Control for Rail Vehicles, Train Control and Management System (TCMS)

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Selectron Systems AG offers safe and freely programmable controllers, centralised and decentralised remote I/O systems, driver’s cab displays, and communication components at vehicle or train bus level.

Essential to the product portfolio is the EN 50155-compliant MAS 83x controller family. Flexibly expandable, it includes module versions for a wide range of safety levels, and runs the user program designed by the system engineers.

Central expansion components use signal conditioning to ensure optimum adjustment of various sensors and actuators.

Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS) – In vehicle automation, everything depends on the control system.
TCMS Products and Solutions: Selectron Systems offers a large portfolio of product solutions, individually configurable according to your requirements.
Smart Remote Input / Output Systems- Fewer terminal blocks, modular design, simple installation and wiring, as well as clarity and a clear structure
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High-Performance and Flexible Control Unit 94X

Optimal solutions in train safety

Selectron offers the following solutions:

  • Safety Supervisor: the SIL2-certified safety control system offers safe control and signal conditioning
  • Wheel slide protection (WSP): shortens braking distances, reduces wear and tear, increases comfort, saves on maintenance costs and improves safety. Selectron offer WSP controllers, valves and rotary encoders for both new vehicles and modernisations (TÜV, EN15595 and UIC541 approved)
  • Anti-skid protection: implemented individually with our solutions, usually integrated directly in the software of the drive control unit (DCU).
  • Traction: usually controlled by a DCU, meaning drive-specific functions can be located elsewhere and controlled with either a Selectron or third-party unit, and implemented to meet client requirements

Train control and monitoring systems for rail vehicles

Modern rail vehicle systems require brakes, door and HVAC systems, traction, illumination control and power supply, various displays, vehicle diagnostics and passenger information.

They are linked by train control management systems (TCMS) into a single, well-functioning platform that offers maximum safety and high levels of availability.

The company’s MAS family of controllers offers high performance in a compact product.

Their flexibility and availability is ensured by Selectron’s consistent processes from development to logistics and servicing.

For a decentralised, remote I/O solution, Selectron’s Smartio system allows flexible expansion, with a large number of I/O signals for each node.

Sensor/actuator connections and processing are contained within a single housing, saving on terminal blocks.

Vehicle bus nodes of varying types, such as CANopen and MVB, are easily integrated. Selectron’s devices enable a consistent Ethernet platform, which combines all vehicle systems into one logical network (in accordance with IEC61375-2-3).

Accessories, including heat sinks, fans, and thermal protection, complement the company’s pluggable relays.

Train automation software

Selectron’s software suite contains a complete development environment for our PLC controllers, has a user-friendly design, and functions in a transparent and self-documenting way. It offers the right software tool for each project phase.

The company’s programming tool is able to set systems parameters, and update firmware and applications. It can also facilitate project planning tasks and efficient commissioning, with easy integration of Selectron® MAS devices.

With Selectron’s software, languages (according to the IEC 61131-3 standard) can customise the client’s PLC programming.

The company also offers a tool for creating extensive data logger applications and diagnostic data sets (DDS) from program variables, as well as controller area network (CAN) messages for analysis and archiving.

For programming human-machine interfaces (HMIs) from a graphical user interface (GUI), Selectron offer a range of GUI widgets, including images, text, bar charts, and tachometers.

Trend analysis, alarms, day/night changeover, language selection (all displayable and testable in simulation mode) can all be used.

Control systems for modernisation projects up to modern rail vehicles

Selectron’s range of control systems covers the following rail requirements:

  • Diagnosis / data logger management: recording / storing data to help locate and rectify malfunctions and faults quickly and efficiently
  • Train setup (automatic coupling): a train communication network (TCN) for coupled rail vehicles easily shares data between vehicles, allowing monitoring of train information, and the transmission of process and diagnostic data. CANPowerline is an efficient alternative
  • WTB train bus and MVB vehicle bus: the WTB train bus offers interoperability according to an IEC61375 standard
  • Remote maintenance: for automatic / manual storage of diagnostic data or calling up real-time data from the office via GSM, GPRS, UMTS, EDGE or WLAN
  • Vehicle control unit: the MAS 83x-T can operate as a ‘standalone’ unit with distributed expansions. It can also operate with central I/Os and communication interfaces, or as a mixed configuration, offering high-performance CPU, expansion bus, and communication modules, such as MVB, PROFINET, CANopen, Ethernet, CAN, serial port
  • Visualisation: Selectron’s HMIs can control passenger information and diagnostic data. Display sizes are 8.4″/10.4″/12.1″/15.0″ for versions with a touchscreen display and buttons (to SIL2)

Bespoke support and services

Selectron’s services include:

  • Specifications
  • Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Technical support
  • Repairs

The company concentrates its knowledge, ability and activities on your requirements, thereby helping you to concentrate on your core business. You gain the decisive advantage of increasing your competitiveness.

Selectron supports its customers with a wide range of services from specifications and engineering, commissioning, technical support, training and servicing, right down to repairs. The company is proud of its long-term partnerships with our customers that are based on trust, reliability and expertise.

About Selectron Systems

Selectron is an IRIS02 TÜV-certified Swiss company, now a member of the Knorr-Bremse Group.

More than 110 employees focus their expertise towards automation, communication and control systems for rail vehicles worldwide.

Previous clients include Stadler Rail, Plasser & Theurer, Robel, Bombardier Canada, Bombardier Europe, Changchun Railway Vehicles (CRC) China, Alstom LHB, Schweizerische Bundesbahn SBB, SNCF, Östereichische Bundesbahn ÖBB, Vossloh, VPS, BZB, LOSTR, City Tram Warsaw, HzL, VPS, Voith Turbo, and Protec, as well as Swiss railways such as RhB, BLS, MGB, and MOB.

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