Rail Manche Finance UKEIG (RMF) is a UK Economic Interest Grouping which, prior to Brexit, was in a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) format. It was established in April 1992 by the National Rail Companies of Great Britain, which was previously British Railways, and France’s national, state-owned railway company SNCF. Following the privatisation of the UK rail industry, and the subsequent creation of Eurostar UK Limited and the Eurostar International train operating company, the UK shareholding now rests with Eurostar International. The grouping provides managed service end-to-end solutions, including back office accounting, settlements, and management information systems (commercial data insights). RMF also calculates and organises payments for passenger and freight usage of the Channel Tunnel Fixed link, under the terms of the Channel Tunnel Usage Agreement.

RMF is now a leading provider of railway reservation- based settlement and clearing services. Working closely with its clients, RMF designs, builds, and operates sophisticated revenue, cost allocation, and settlement solutions between railway operators. The company also provides increasingly essential management information data and commercial insight services for the high speed carriers, such as Eurostar, Thalys, and Elipsos (until this joint venture was cancelled in December 2022).

To support business processes, RMF has ISO certifications in 9001 and 14001, and is currently in the process of achieving ISO 26001 certification.

About RMF

RMF was originally established with the aim of ensuring that payments to Eurotunnel for the use of the Channel Tunnel were made in accordance with the complex usage agreement. This role has been successfully fulfilled since June 1994 but, at that time, the potential to expand the role to provide a specialist back office role for the emerging Eurostar and Thalys joint ventures was realised. The role was expanded to include services such as revenue and cost allocation, revenue collection and settlement, clearing services, and the provision of management information systems for sales, products, and train service reporting on a very fast timescale, which was pioneering at the time of introduction. Due to the business critical services which RMF provides, business and disaster recovery processes are integral to RMF and its service offerings.

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