procurement management and quality inspection services

MADEPARTNERS provides the rail industry with quality inspection services and overseeing procurement of single and double deck passenger cars, light rail vehicles, spare parts, and wagons for hopper, iron ore, coal, grain and ballast.

The company generates superior outcomes and optimises capital efficiency for major rail, resource and industrial leaders worldwide.

Complete procurement service packages for rail products

MADEPARTNERS provides an extensive range of services that include on-site inspection teams, boosting performance of suppliers, and preparing and reviewing specifications.

Services can be provided individually or combined in complete packages to provide the most cost-effective solutions for clients during procurement, especially components for high-fabrication products.

MADEPARTNERS provides advisory, procurement and inspection services, audits, supplier improvement programmes, and independent assessments for rail projects.
The company assists its clients in buying and supplying rail equipment.
MADEPARTNERS manages the procurement of rail equipment, including passenger cars, light rail vehicles, wagons and spare parts.
The company prepares specifications, which can be used to develop an agreed quality strategy for each project.
MADEPARTNERS can provide on-site inspection teams to improve supplier performance.
The company analyses performance to improve the cost, delivery, and quality of procurement projects.
MADEPARTNERS can help financiers mitigate the risks associated with procurement.

Procurement strategies for rail equipment buyers

MADEPARTNERS assists clients in sourcing and obtaining vital critical equipment in the rail industry, through services such as collaborating on procurement plans and establishing quality management teams on-site.

MADEPARTNERS’ methods are versatile and can be applied to an array of industrial goods.

Risk alleviation and bid preparation for rail equipment suppliers

MADEPARTNERS has extensive knowledge of how standards and requirements can differ from country to country. The company is able to provide assistance to suppliers to ensure that bids for engineering equipment are in accordance with the necessary standards, and increasing the efficiency of processes to boost appeal.

In addition, the company can act on financiers’ behalf to identify and alleviate any capital risks relating to offshore procurement, as well as supply independent reports into the performance of projects.

Suppliers can also be provided with factory and supply chain audits, monitoring and reporting of project performance, and impartial assessments.

Quality specifications for railway product procurement

MADEPARTNERS develops complete inspection and test plans (ITP) through reviewing all necessary international regulations and standards simultaneously with the supplier’s ITP. The company will then liaise with clients and suppliers to identify crucial criteria needed to meet specifications and standards.

Quality control and procurement projects are produced according to specific client requirements, with strategies developed that comprise tools for measuring performance.

An agreed quality strategy is the cornerstone of MADEPARTNERS’ process.

Measuring and reporting of supplier performance for the railway industry

MADEPARTNERS collaborates with clients and suppliers to establish methods for measuring performance, and generating consistent reports.

Performance is assessed against specifications, with areas identified where quality can be improved, as well as achievable efficiencies in costs and procurement project delivery.

In addition, MADEPARTNERS introduces initiatives to ensure process improvement and the measures for monitoring to ensure the desired outcome. During the procurement delivery stage, clients can be assured that these objectives have been met, with appropriate documentation supplied as proof that specifications have been achieved.

Local inspection teams for rail projects

Specialist personnel work on-site to make sure that projects are successfully completed. Inspection teams are led by managers with experience in project delivery, as well as interpreting and liaising with local authorities. Projects are ultimately overseen and supervised by an experienced team of industry professionals in the company’s Hong Kong head office.