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Rail Specialist Engineering and Commercial Consultancy

IPEX Consulting offers advisory services for specialist train systems and intelligent commercial engineering projects.

The company’s experts offer a deep understanding of the rail industry, and its high-calibre consultant executives and advisers provides intellectual commercial / business advice, as well as solutions in alignment with its core values and principles.

Business and financing consultations for rail companies

IPEX Consulting evaluates and creates new business justifications for rail systems, which can entail assessment of market competition, demand, alternatives and supply side constraints.

Support is also offered for funding decisions, including lender’s technical adviser (LTA) expertise, investment requirements and strategies, asset review, maintenance management, and compliance with railway standards.

IPEX offers support for the manufacture, modification, refurbishment and deployment of train systems.
The company assists clients with franchise and procurement bids.
IPEX can help its clients to optimise rail operations and maintenance projects.

Definition of train system requirements

IPEX Consulting helps clients to capture and define business, funding, operational, technical and user requirements for train systems.

It assists with developing strategies for system deployment, as well as articulation of system requirements for business technical and contractual purposes.

Available services include stakeholder engagement, system requirement definition, optimisation strategies, specification writing, and contract writing and negotiation support.

Specialist train system procurement services

Clients procuring specialist train equipment are offered tendering support and bid evaluation services, as well as help with strategies and coordination, management and production, analysis and shadow evaluation, as well as assistance with negotiation and contracts.

System building and deployment

IPEX Consulting offers consultancy services for the manufacture, modification, refurbishment and deployment of train systems.

This includes support for project management, contract monitoring, fleet commissioning and deployment, and the mobilisation of franchise and concession operations.

IPEX Consulting also helps clients to monitor, assess and optimise the performance of train systems.

Rail system MRO consultancy solutions

Requirements for train system maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) can be refined and articulated by IPEX Consulting for technical, business and contractual purposes.

The company’s services involves structuring organisations and staff, project management, and optimising fleet performance and maintenance at railway depots.

Project reviews and evaluation

IPEX Consulting reviews and evaluates train system projects, such as the upgrade and implementation of intelligent systems, authorisation, engineering, control-command and signalling (CCS), and major programmes.

About IPEX Consulting

Since September 2003, IPEX Consulting has been providing commercial engineering consultancy services to the rail sector.

The company has provided services to rail operators, including First Group, Go-Ahead / Govia, Stagecoach and Arriva, and rolling stock manufactures, such as Siemens, Hitachi and ALSTOM.

It has also assisted asset owners and financiers, including Eversholt Rail Group and GIC, as well as transport authorities and bodies in the UK, Wales, Middle East and Africa.


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