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3B infra

Asset Management Solutions for Infrastructure Operators

Operngasse 20B,
1040 Vienna,

3B infra has been developing information technology (IT) software solutions for railway infrastructure operators for more than 15 years.

Infrastructure management software for the railway industry

INFRALIFE® is our standard software designed for linear asset managements. It answers essential questions regarding the railway network, assets, conditions and maintenance. The software is used alongside enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems by infrastructure asset managers, office workers and engineers from leading railway companies.

The software can be used to manage aspects such as the railway network and organisation, asset data and performance, incidents, and asset failure. The system can monitor asset-based conditions and provide alerts for time-based or predictive maintenance.

Railway asset monitoring system

INFRALIFE® comes with mature railway definitions and offers a preconfigured best practice asset register for all fields. The software is highly configurable so that organisational units, data governance guidelines, processes and maintenance rules can be individually adapted to customer requirements.

Subject-based visualisations such as the linear route map, track geometry viewer, asset pivot or track chainage grid are unique features on the market. INFRALIFE® considers geographic information and provides an integrated geographic information system (GIS) map and spatial data editor.

A mobile version specially designed for engineers is available. The application has been optimised for working on the go and is used to receive jobs, locate assets, and report tasks, defects or incidents.

Infrastructure and operation solutions for railway companies

INFRALIFE® is a web-based application that fulfils the complex requirements of quality and safety management systems (QMS / SMS) for European infrastructure and transportation companies according to EU directive 2004/49/EG on railway safety.

We carry out in-depth research into a feasible functional IT architecture for a railway infrastructure asset management. As a result, we provide advanced enterprise asset management (EAM) concepts and support our clients with standard interfaces to integrate INFRALIFE® easily with ERP, enterprise content management (ECM), Standard Diagnosis and supervisory control systems.

With digital transformation putting railways under increasing pressure, we are up-to-date on topics such as building information modelling (BIM), internet of things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or Smart Assets.

Railway asset management software

3B infra offers a number of advantages, including collaboration with Europe’s renowned railway asset management solutions expert, as well as a reliable partner and IT specialist.

We provide customised products in addition to standard software, all available with a fair licensing and pricing model.

Our complete proposals include consulting, implementation, integration and data migration support. Clients also benefit from comprehensive knowledge for a range of railway applications.

3B infra services include specialist business analysis, as well as consulting for digital transformation, ERP integration and GIS.

About 3B infra

3B infra is a pioneering IT company based in Vienna, Austria. We are the manufacturing company of the INFRALIFE® software suite designed for railway infrastructure.

Our team is highly motivated, comprising railway experts, IT specialists and experienced project managers.

We aim to become one of the leading companies for railway asset management standard software.

Some of our references include:

  • Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)
  • Baselland Transport (BLT)
  • Graz Köflacher Bahn (GKB)
  • Hungarian State Railways (MÁV)
  • Luxembourg Railways (CFL)
  • Slovenian Railways (SŽ)
  • Wiener Lokalbahnen AG (WLB)
  • Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH (WLC)
  • Zillertalbahn (ZVB)

Railway Infrastructure Management Solutions

3B infra addresses both infrastructure managers and those with overall responsibility for the safe, punctual and cost-effective operation of the integrated enterprise.

3B infra infrastruktur management systeme GmbH

Operngasse 20B

1040 Vienna