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Infrastructure Asset Management Software for the Railway Industry

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3B infra’s INFRALIFE® software is an integrated solution for linear asset management (LAM), facilitating the holistic management of integrated railway networks, assets, maintenance, forecasting, lifecycle management, as well as reporting and visualisation.

INFRALIFE integrates infrastructure-expertise and the latest information technology. The software is based on a strictly modular concept. Customers profit from a best-practice approach that derives from close collaboration and development together with railway infrastructure companies. The software can be used to manage aspects such as railway network and organisation, asset data and performance, incidents, and asset failure. The system can also monitor asset-based conditions and provide alerts for time-based or predictive maintenance.

Rail infrastructure software

INFRALIFE is a configurable web-based application, which allows organisational units, data governance guidelines, processes and maintenance rules to be individually adapted to customer requirements. It also fulfils the complex requirements of quality and safety management systems (QMS / SMS) for European infrastructure and transportation companies according to EU directive 2004/49/EG on railway safety.

The software provides advanced enterprise asset management (EAM) concepts and supports clients with standard interfaces to integrate INFRALIFE® easily with enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise content management (ECM), , geographic information systems (GIS), standard diagnosis and supervisory control systems.

3B infra's system provides a switch inspection sheet.
Dashboards for decision makers (such as Asset Managers). Information-Tool about network condition or re-invest forecast.
All assets of all technical fields in one single view.
Visualization of assets, track geometry and conditions along the route.
Integrated GIS map optimised for railway end users.

With digital transformation putting railways under increasing pressure, INFRALIFE is up to date on topics such as building information modelling (BIM), Internet of things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or Smart Assets.

Rail asset management solutions

INFRALIFE is the right choice if you encounter challenges such as organisational changes, which involve transferring tasks from vertical technical departments to newly established asset management organisations.

Other issues include changing jobs, the right way to handle and manage asset information and their referral to the right authorities, as well as cost monitoring and management, which offers transparency and improved organisation of cost drivers.

The asset management software also helps with the replacement of outdated individual software solutions to increase manageability, as well as provides digitisation services that contain valuable data and protect assets.

Master data management of railway networks

Railway networks are complex systems, which are created, built and managed by a variety of stakeholders. INFRALIFE supplies a strong representation of the network in compliance with UIC definitions.

Spanning across all technical fields from civil structures to railway subsystems, INFRALIFE provides latest-technology asset register solutions that are an integral part of asset management, as they create digital twins for all infrastructure objects, which are fully catalogued and described by their technical qualities. INFRALIFE supports both linear and geographic referencing.

Linear asset management requires advanced processes that include dynamic segmentation. The software also covers themes such as nominal track geometry and track topology.

Rail lifecycle management

INFRALIFE employs successful maintenance strategies through automatised systems that track work tickets and their execution, which gives service teams the opportunity to access these and record updates on work. This service also includes defect and failure management across all assets.

The management system caters for unplanned incidents and malfunctions via failure maintenance tickets. Through the software, workflows can be approved and endorsed. INFRALIFE also enables the early detection of asset anomalies and other problems, which can safely be detected and resolved.

The INFRALIFE mobile app supports asset technicians and service staff on-the-go by providing access to work tickets, data, maintenance records and more. The app can also be used for reporting failures, work status and time.

Network reporting and visualisation capabilities

The INFRALIFE Network Condition Reporting covers benchmarking across asset types and network lines, investment forecast, investment backlog, as well as an analysis of asset ageing. It also provides access to asset inventory and maintenance performance tracking.

The railway route map supplied by INFRALIFE helps technicians find information through a state-of-the-art software with a wide variety of information channels. There is also an optional ready-to-use GIS module that integrates with others to facilitate the access to information about problems, sites, route closures and others through GIS.

About 3B infra

3B infra is an innovative IT company based in Vienna, Austria. It manufactures and delivers the INFRALIFE software, which is a specially designed solution for railway infrastructure, to railway infrastructure operators. Precise knowledge of technical railway assets and their condition are necessary requirements for the optimised management of cost-intensive infrastructure.

3B infra offers a variety of advantages, including collaborations with Europe’s renowned railway asset management solutions experts, as well as reliable partners and IT specialists.

The company’s complete proposal includes consulting, implementation, integration and data migration support. Clients also benefit from comprehensive knowledge for a range of railway applications. 3B infra services include specialist business analysis, as well as consulting for digital transformation, ERP integration and GIS.

Some of the references include:

  • Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)
  • Baselland Transport (BLT)
  • Graz Köflacher Bahn (GKB)
  • Graz Linien (GL)
  • Hungarian State Railways (MÁV)
  • Luxembourg Railways (CFL)
  • Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsgesellschaft (NÖVOG)
  • Slovenian Railways (SŽ)
  • Wiener Lokalbahnen AG (WLB)
  • Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH (WLC)
  • Zillertalbahn (ZVB)

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