Trams have recently been steadily reestablishing their prominence across new cities that require a boost to public transport, as well as being strengthened in capital cities where they are a key part of local life.

New technologies in training have continued appearing concurrently with a view to pairing this development in transport with maximum safety, and these technologies are increasingly more sophisticated to meet the new requirements for operators who are more committed to providing safe, efficient and quality service.

Simulators have proven to be the essential piece in training new drivers, and LANDER has been fortunate to be able to accompany different operators in many of these experiences across Europe and worldwide.

One of the most recent and satisfactory examples is the project completed for the German operator Rhein-Neckar Verkehr (RNV). In 2016, RNV awarded LANDER with not only a contract for an ambitious training centre project but also its full trust in that both companies would be capable of the corresponding 18-month journey.

This venture culminated recently in Mannheim with the installation of 3 simulators, which will work with Germany’s largest public transport alliance to provide support in training drivers who transport thousands of people every day in not only Mannheim but also neighbouring Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen.

RNV will now have a simulator room equipped with 2 simulators replicating the console, an exact copy of the driver’s post in a Bombardier RNV6, and a multi-purpose simulator in which RNV can even include new vehicle models in the future, including an instructorless self-learning system.

RNV students will thus benefit from a more versatile and agile use of the simulator and, similar to the 2 replicas, maintain the option to work with an instructor. The instructors will, in turn, control the system from a workstation that LANDER has entirely redesigned for this project, upgrading not only the design and architecture but also the performance features of all its components.

The simulator’s software is by far the most comprehensive launched by LANDER to date, with an extensive scope of training situations, an infinity of new smaller features, fruit of RNV’s completeness in this regard, and a broad spectrum of scenarios that cover most of the cities of Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen, with areas specifically for tramways and others that are more traditional in Germany and referred to as Stadtbahn.

While the journey has brought us this far, it is only the beginning of a forward-looking nexus between RNV and LANDER that was made possible by the exceptional hard work and enthusiasm of the RNV work team to meet this new challenge from the very outset of the project, proof of the importance that they gave to the training.

This enthusiasm has remained throughout the months, during which the remarkable efforts of the team provided LANDER with everything necessary to create the new training centre.

The project also had the support of German consultants from Training Technology-Consulting (TT-C), whose knowledge contributed the needed nuances and adjustments at every step in the project.

Today, RNV can now provide its training activities with a fresh boost comprising the technology and advantages of simulators for training.

New and current RNV drivers will have a new training tool in a room that the German operator has also equipped with cutting-edge automation technology to ensure the best comfort possible.

It is also interesting to note that RNV also commissioned a local graffiti artist to decorate the access area by reproducing Bombardier’s RNV6 tramway to enhance a full tramway immersion experience upon entry into this room.

We wish RNV continued success in its journey in the world of transport and trust that its collaboration with LANDER will remain for many more years to come.