CASSIDIAN, an EADS company, is a worldwide leader in global security solutions and systems, providing lead systems integration and value-added products and services to civil and military customers around the globe.

Within CASSIDIAN the programme unit, simulation and training forms part of the business unit Cassidian Electronics. CASSIDIAN’s programme unit ‘Simulation and Training’ is one of the world’s leading simulator manufacturers offering training systems for all kinds of railway and wheeled vehicles.

The product portfolio of simulator-based equipment contains desktop trainers, static simulators, motion-based simulators, as well as transportable and mobile solutions systems for maximum mobility and operational readiness. The range of available products includes customised, modular system solutions for a variety of functional and educational tasks.

Simulators and training systems developed by the programme unit are in service in Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Turkey and the Middle East.

Simulator for Bombardier's E464 (operated by Trenitalia). Key features include a 1:1 scale replica of driver cab, dual channel panoramic display (90° x 43°), high sophisticated database, six-axis motion system and embedded faultfinding station.
Simulator for ICE3/ICE-T operated by DB-Training (Deutsche Bahn AG).
Desk trainers and desk top trainers for autonomously usage or in combination with an instructor station (IOS) featuring modern graphical user interface, exercise / database editor, student management, assessment and debriefing. The IOS supports multiple simulator control.
SAPSAN high-speed train student station is a 1:1 replica of driver cab and driver desk. Key features include original vehicle components and interior, a large field of view and air-conditioning.
The railway simulator database's key features include a high level of detail, real world track or generic layout and a features database editor and library. The example shows a screen shoot of the NTV database.

Modular and open train and driving simulator systems

The modular design of CASSIDIAN’s train simulators allows the use of the latest state-of-the-art commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, which optimises performance and the cost of ownership.

The driving simulators are optimised to be used for the practical content of conducting reproducible exercises in a virtual world, close to a real, typical world railway environment.

Driver training: education, assessment and research

Permitting the maximum possible relief of railroad traffic, and reducing the need to operate driving school trains, train driving simulators developed and manufactured by CASSIDIAN are designed for training, evaluation and assessment in the fields of:

  • Studying / teaching fundamentals in driver technique and practice under normal and special conditions
  • Practice in correct handling, e.g. use of brake system in various situations
  • Forward-looking driving skills
  • Stress reduction training due to influence of driver workload (heavy traffic conditions, situation-related stress patterns, etc.)
  • Driving in adverse conditions (different weather and track conditions, reduced visibility, etc.)
  • Advanced operation skills, e.g. training to handle malfunctions/incidents and operating sequences in hazardous situations

In this manner, the quality of driver training can be enhanced while at the same time training time can be reduced and a constant high level of proficiency is guaranteed over the long term.

Databases for driving simulation

CASSIDIAN offers high level of detail databases that even allow conducting route familiarisation exercises. A database editor is available to the customers, including a large, customised library of track elements and scene objects. This allows for easy upgrades to adapt the databases to the evolving customer needs and to make use of the continuously growing performance of image generators.

By the means of the implemented exercise editor the instructor can easily define appropriate driving lessons based on the individual skills and knowledge of the student.

Online setting of events and malfunctions brings further training benefits. A fault-finding station allows the driver to inspect and operate any system of the entire train to recover from any of the simulated failures.

An observer station, connected to the simulator system, allows other students to follow the ongoing simulator training.

Custom railway simulation training

Due to the high level of detail in terms of vehicle replica in hardware and software, operational training for drivers on specific locomotives and cross-border training are possible to enhance the introduction of a new fleet.

CASSIDIAN’s train simulators are mostly based on customer requirements, designed for freight and passenger trains of different types and operational procedures. Cassidian is able to deliver railway simulators for EMUs, DMUs, multiple units, high speed trains running up to 330km/hr such as the ICE3 train, short and long distance trains as well as Metros, LRVs and trams.

CASSIDIAN’s family of train simulators comprises part task trainers, full mission simulators (motion / fixed based), an exchange concept for driver desk or whole cab to deal with fleet diversifications, as well as unique visual solutions offering a total field of view of approx. 90° horizontal by 45° vertical.