Products and solutions for the railway industries are in demand around the world. Kraus Elektrotechnik provides spare parts, including switch contacts, conductor rail expansion joints, arc chambers, insulators, disconnectors, switchgears, voltage monitoring devices, slip ring assemblies, and much more.

Trackside switch disconnector for rail systems

A trackside switch disconnects the arriving railway catenary and the outgoing railway catenary of a railway track, either as an overhead catenary disconnector or as a disconnector of the third rail. Each of these switch variants provides a reliable connection of the outgoing with an arriving catenary when required.

The operation of the switch and the operation of the control module connected to the switch can either be an external voltage supply source provided or, alternatively, the required operating voltage can be supplied from the catenary or the third rail.

All disconnectors can be operated manually or remotely. The relative switching status can be indicated on a potential-free indicator. Trackside disconnectors are mainly used for the protection of the staff working on operating resources or in the maintenance hall, therefore they must be very reliable and safe.

Our off-load disconnectors or earthing switches can be operated manually or by remote electrical control.
The earthing switch is characterised through its modular construction; different switching angles are possible.
The voltage detectors are in accordance with DIN EN 50155, EMV DIN50121-3-2 and DIN En 61000-4-3 up to six.
With our wide range of current leads, we are able to supply laminated straps, secondary and connecting cables, water-cooled designs and bus bars.
A large range of standard products are available for many applications, however we can also supply slip ring assemblies specific to your requirements.

Disconnectors may only be switched without power, which means no collectors or transformers may be connected when it is idle. Consequently, you do not need a device to extinguish the arc. Variants are available as disconnectors with and without earthing contacts as well as earthing switches.

Rolling stock earthing switches / disconnectors / battery switches and pantograph switches

Our earthing switches are designed for medium voltages according to valid IEC regulations. The switches have to lead a defined short-circuit current in a switch on condition over a defined period of time while, on the other hand, engage without revision to a short-circuit at full operating voltage. The mentioned earthing disconnectors are designed as off-load devices and therefore switchings are powerless.

Variants are available as disconnectors with and without earthing contacts, as well as earthing switches. All disconnectors can be operated manually or remotely. The relative switching status can be indicated on a potential-free indicator. All devices are available with voltage detectors, which can be used to isolate the control system to prevent operation or indicate a power source where manual switching is used.

Switchgears for cabinets

Some specific applications require a switch unit to be included into cabinets. These can be polyester (smoke and fire approved, classified M1F1) or metallic with double insulation, or they can be used together within a unit.

Interlock systems for disconnectors and earthing switches

Interlock systems are required for special safety regulations. Therefore, safety-relevant sections must be switched on and off safely.

Hexagonal-shaped insulators

We have a wide range of hexagonal-shaped insulators available in heights of 15mm-60mm. Non-standard insulators can be provided on request.

Voltage detectors

Our voltage detectors visually show if the incoming operation voltage is over or under 50V DC via diodes or via switch relays. Our voltage detector operates in the voltage range of 0-1,500V DC.

Flexible electrically conductive connections

Flexible current leads are highly flexible electrically conductive connections. We manufacture lamination straps made from aluminium or copper with un-tinned or finished surfaces as well as flexible and highly flexible braided connectors with and without insulation in water and air-cooled styles.

Slip ring assemblies

We offer slip ring assemblies, as used in railway cranes for the transfer of power, control or data from fixed to rotating connection.