Diesel Train Retrofit

VIS Systems designs and engineerings of a variety of different rolling stock locomotives and coaches.

Our portfolio is comprised of new rolling stock projects, such as electric locomotives and special purpose freight wagons, as well as retrofitted diesel and electric locomotives, electric multiple units, and passenger coaches.

We also offer train control and management systems (TCMS), tailor made for every type of rail vehicle.

The hybrid shunting locomotive design project is based on detailed research of shunting workload profiles in numerous types of yards. Our concept of powerpack and battery-based energy storage unit configuration allows for optimised use of energy, dependent on type of shunting work.
The robust structure of older diesel locomotives allows for application of modern powertrain solutions, such as powerpacks compliant with the latest environmental regulations, new power electronics, TCMs, and the upgrade of drivers working conditions.
Projects related to electric locomotives may include a new traction system (converter / chopper based), auxiliary power system (static converters), pneumatic system upgrade, or cabin and body redesign.
The latest project by VIS Systems includes design and engineering of a very light passenger vehicle, with a unique powerline configuration, including a downsized diesel powerpack, and a set of energy storage units.
Unique working conditions, such as a heavy load (130t) and high temperature (up to 600°C), were key challenges in the design and engineering of the ladle car. These vehicles are now operated at a steel manufacturing facility.
TCMS solutions include onboard management and diagnostics, as well as user application and database systems. Online vehicle monitoring is coupled with data transmission, allowing a fleet operator to have instant knowledge about the condition of vehicles.

Development of new rail cars and vehicle control management systems

We are responsible for configuring railway vehicles to the specific needs of clients, at all stages of the production process, namely the design (including vehicle interior design), mechanical structure, electrical system, pneumatic system, and the train control and management system.

We conduct numerous types of calculations throughout the design process related to static and dynamic mechanical analyses, crash scenarios, fluid dynamics in relations to pneumatic systems, cooling ducts, temperature distribution, and photometric analyses.

Such an approach allows for the minimising of various risks at the manufacturing stage, during the certification process, and later on in operations.

Final manufacturing drawings are also supplied as part of the project management service.

Retrofitting locomotives and passenger coaches

Examples of retrofit projects include diesel line, electric line, and shunting locomotives, as well as passenger coaches.

We support our clients from the early vehicle configuration stage, conducting system integration, design and engineering analysis. We also deliver manufacturing drawings as part of the project management service.

Typical benefits of rail vehicle retrofitting include power increases, a reduction in fuel consumption, an increase in vehicle reliability, new functional features, and compliance with the latest environmental regulations.

On-board management and diagnostic systems for trains

Train / vehicle control and management systems (TCMS) play a role in the core operating system of a vehicle. Our solutions include on-board management functions, enhanced diagnostics features, passenger information systems, and data transmission processing, with the help of various types of user applications.

We develop TCM solutions for both diesel and electric vehicles.

Maintenance process re-engineering and optimisation for freight and passenger trains

VIS has participated in numerous maintenance process optimisation projects for freight and passenger rail operators. Based on our experience, we offer support in maintenance scope revision, process re-engineering and optimisation, documentation revision, and new diagnostic system implementation.

Rolling stock research and development for rail vehicles

We have been involved in numerous R&D projects focused on diesel and hybrid powertrains, as well as energy storage systems. We support rolling stock manufacturers and railway operators in the application of modern solutions, such as advanced materials, new components, and IT technology on rail vehicles for the benefit of everyday business.