Tratos Cavi is a company specialising in the production of power, signalling, control and telecommunications cables for the railway sector. It is a medium-sized company with private capital, over 300 employees and five factories duly organised for the production of different cable typologies habitually required by international rail sector operators for coaches and railway infrastructure.

Our industrial philosophy hinges on creating products with sizable additional value. We therefore focus on technological innovation and innovative design in line with the industrial strategies of the largest rail sector companies, providing turnkey systems for railways.

Customised railway cables

You can consult us about any problem you may have at the planning stage. We can ensure solutions to these problems with cables customised for their end-use.

All of the cables we produce include recyclable materials and comply with normal environmental protection standards.

High-voltage 26kV and 45kV cables

We supply high-voltage 26kV and 45kV cables for connections to roof-mounted pantographs and the on-board transformer. These cables include flexible conductors and particular characteristics specific for their installation in reduced spaces.

Telecommunications cables

Telecommunications cables with copper conductors and optic fibres are produced with extruded aluminium sheaths, longitudinal aluminium tapes or arc-welded corrugated steel tapes and non-metal special materials for the application of insulators and sheaths.

When included at the planning stage, all these elements give cables all relevant characteristics, such as specific resistance to impacts and heavy pressure; protection against humidity and liquids; fire resistance; and anti-rodent protection. All of these are necessary when cables have to be installed in particularly harsh areas.

Power cables

Power cables normally include copper conductors, although they can also be produced with aluminium conductors or steel cores covered with extruded aluminium; this latter solution is specific for network infrastructures.

All cables compliant with EN norms are available, i.e. standard wall, thin wall, medium wall, high temperature, normal and fire-resistant cables.

High-speed railway control and signalling cables

High-speed railway systems require controlling devices that adopt state-of-the-art technologies. All their components, including control and signalling cables, must guarantee the maximum level of safety in data transmission, and our control and signalling cables ensure this.

Goods transferral intermodal area cables

Rail facilities are increasingly integrating with intermodal areas where goods are transferred from one vehicle to another with large lifting structures. Our special intermodal area cables are ideal for powering and controlling these lifting structures, and for signals.