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Dry-Type Transformers and Inductors

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Situated for over 40 years on its original site in Lugano, southern Switzerland, Trasfor has developed a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of custom-built dry-type transformers and inductors.

Substation and rolling stock transformers and inductors

Our reputation for providing quality and guaranteeing reliability has lead to many of the world’s more demanding industries becoming regular users of Trasfor dry-type transformers and inductors and transformed the company into the global business that we are today. We are heavily involved in both substation and rolling stock applications.

Substation standard rectifier transformers

Our IEC 146 standard rectifier transformers for substations are transformers with cast resin coils, copper or aluminium conductor windings of up to 20mVA. Different enclosures and cooling technology are available. Natural air, forced air and forced water / air designs can be constructed to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

Trasfor specialises in customised products designed for extreme operating conditions. This transformer is oversized to meet the requirement of temporary extra loads specified in the IEC 146 standard.

Locomotive transformers and inductors

Our transformers and inductors can be used for many applications, including on the roof or under the bottom of locomotives. We supply a special design for these applications to satisfy the different working conditions experienced.

Our locomotive transformers and inductors:

  • Possess transformer and filter choke assembly
  • Can be roof-mounted and are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions

Water-cooling equaliser inductors

We provided water-cooling equaliser inductors for the converter of the ETR 500 project. Designed for high-current applications, and very resistant to vibration and acceleration, these are specially designed inductors with an inner stainless-steel tube for direct water cooling.

IRIS certification

Trasfor recently obtained the new International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) certification; we were amongst the first batch of companies to be qualified. IRIS is a new certification issued by the UNIFE Union of the European Railway Industries. Together with the DIN 6700 qualification for welding of railway vehicles and vehicle parts that we also hold, this makes Trasfor one of the leading suppliers for transformers and inductors in the railway segment.

As an independent company, the spirit of Trasfor is rooted deep in the heart and traditions of Switzerland. This is an affinity shared by all parties associated with the company.

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