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Power Supply Systems for Fixed Railway Installations

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TranzCom offers products, complete installations and optimal maintenance services to the railway industry. With over 20 years of experience, we provide state-of-the-art technology as well as innovative and personalised turnkey solutions.

We have established a quality system in line with ISO 9001 standard, which is continuously maintained and updated to ensure that all services and products offer the highest standards of quality and reliability.

It is our policy to grow the business through the delivery of high-quality products and services satisfying or, when possible, exceeding our customers’ needs.

Turnkey traction substations for railways

TranzCom is experienced in delivering traction substations to the railway industries. We deliver turnkey solutions able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and our team of engineers assist you with their well-known expertise to find the most appropriate technical solution at any time.

Railway traction substations and componants

Our long experience in the field of railway traction substations has allowed us to develop several standard solutions for trains as well as for trams. With our production facility, located in Anderlecht, Brussels, we can deliver feeder cublicles adapted to any customer’s requirement.

TranzCom also supplies a wide range of single components used in assembling substations, such as circuit breakers, rectifiers, switchgears, transformers, etc. Our railway power supply and traction substations services include:

  • Turnkey solutions ranging from high-voltage AC to catenary DC
  • High-voltage cabin from 15kV to 380kV
  • Protection and distribution
  • Power transformers
  • Rectifiers from 1kV to 3kV DC
  • Distribution and protection from 1kV to 3kV
  • Protection and distribution of 2 x 25kV/50Hz
  • Complete automation of substations for local or on-distance usage
  • Protection device for catenary fault analysis
  • Maintenance / diagnose
  • Supply of spare parts and separate components
  • On-site assembly
  • Specialised workshop for electric traction infrastructure

Complete electrification projects for trains, trams and metros

TranzCom has a large experience in overheadline electrification and supply of catenary products.

Together with FABA, we possess the know-how and the manpower to carry out complete electrification projects for trains, trams and metros.

Rail and LRV electrical networks

We also provide studies about the dimensioning of rail and LRV electrical networks. We participate in upgrades and refurbishment of existing catenary systems and, of course, we also supply the full range of components linked to catenary systems.


  • Valley Line LRT, Edmonton

    Valley Line is a proposed light rail transit (LRT) system that will connect Mills Woods in the south-east and Lewis Farms in the west, through downtown Edmonton in Canada.

Quai de Biestebroeck 300
Biestebroekkaai 300
1070 Brussel

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