TransLight Corp (TLC) supplies high-quality, precision-made lighting components for rail applications.

The company provides lamps for railroad / rapid transit wayside train control signals and locomotive / subway seal headlights, and is focused on the development of advanced railway lighting solutions.

All lamps meet or exceed practices recommended by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance Association (AREMA), as well as feature state-of-the-art components and technology.

Pre-tested railway signalling and train control lamps

TLC supplies train control and signalling lamps for railroads. Its pre-tested lamps feature a length-to-centre-of-light (LCL) of 1.25in, and their overall length does not exceed the 2.25in industrial standard for railway signalling applications.

Translight provides a range of gas-filled signal lamps for railroads.
The company provides adaptors for railway lighting solutions, including the AD-2PS11, which allows two-prong sleeve lamp sockets to hold generic single-contact bayonet (SC Bay) lamps.
The Slide-on Reflector enhances the colour intensity and projected beams of train signal lamps.
A comparison between the projected beam patterns of colour-light signals with the Slide-on Reflector installed (left) and without the reflector (right).

The material types for the company’s lamps include clear glass, single-contact bayonet bases (SC Bay), brass, gold-plated or nickel.

TLC lamps reduce evaporation from their specialised alloy filaments, extending their life expectancy.

They also feature silver-plated bases to assure electrical continuity and prevent corrosion, and are securely packaged to protect from handling / shipping damages.

All lamps are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 and JIS 9001: 2008; Copies of certificates are available upon request. The lamps are also pre-tested prior to delivery.

Adaptors for railway lamps

TLC supplies adaptors designed to ensure the correct filament alignment when using 1.25in LCL lamps in railway applications.

The stainless-steel AD-2PS11 and AD-3PS11 adaptors are used to convert older General Railway Signal (GRS) and Union Switch and Signal (US&S) lights, allowing them to hold any standard generic signal lamp.

The company’s AD-T463-M adaptor enables medium-screw lamp bases to hold standard generic signal lamps, and prevents the pin disk at the lamp’s centre from moving.

Slide-on, lamp-mounted reflector for colour-light signals

TLC has developed its cost-effective, patent-pending Slide-on Reflector, which enhances the projected beams and colour intensity of train signals.

The Slide-on Reflector is specifically designed to reflect extraneous light from the lamp’s filament, and project it onto the optic centre and fresnel prism area of the lens set. This can provide almost three times the luminous intensity of the entire projected beam pattern.

The device increases the visibility of existing lens optics, thereby enhancing illuminated colour signals for safer train operations.

The reflector is designed to be mounted on the lamp’s base area to ensure consistent focal alignment, simplify installation, and prevent it from moving from shocks or vibration.

The reflector is warranted against breakage during regular service intervals.

Lighting products in development

TLC are currently developing new lighting products for railways, such as medium screw base (MSB) lamps for transit signalling, railroad locomotives and transit car applications.

The company are also developing intermediate screw base (ISB) rough service lamps and LED headlights for locomotive applications.

Engineering and technical support for lighting issues

TLC provides engineering and technical support for lighting systems. The company’s replacement warranty ensures failed components can be returned, enabling superior quality assurance during a product’s lifecycle.

TLC offers a two-for-one replacement warranty for any lamp that fails prematurely due to workmanship / material defect. Lamps featuring an 100,000h life expectancy are provided with a ten-year warranty.

About TLC

TLC’s experienced staff use high-quality materials, technology, and manufacturing procedures to supply its products, and its two-day policy guarantees prompt delivery for lamps and components.

The company’s personnel have been recognised for their expertise, and hold memberships in the National Committee of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD), the Association of American Railroads (AAR), AREMA), Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI), and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North American (IES).